Suggestion: Itemization of mayhem vendor items


Mar 7, 2021
Dirty Dingos
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Marco Killy Stur
Dear Game Designers @ MA

i noted 3 items that (Before anyone buy them) COULD be better Itemized to give BEST experience to the players
as it is supposed to be from the TOP in-game -items (i would dare to call them BIS or best-in-slot).
find below my humble considerations and a proposal of course keeping the most parameters unchanged.

1. Sollomate Mayhem Azuro (both versions)
Its base damage of 3 makes it virtually non-ampable if not with a ludicrous B101 (L)
please increase base damage to 4 (so can use the Roadie crafted or the zx sinkadus) for lowet version
and to 6 (so that can use the a101 amplifier for the Top version. That brings the weapon still under Red Scorpion
so it can at least have sime dignity and become a 15.000 ped puny punisher

2. Claws
This claw has 55 Damage.... please add 1 damage so it can Fit a trauma 6 ... it is really already a loss of
performance (Trauma 6 has lower eff than weapon) but at least it has not the weird half point performance
loss for overamp (to be honest i expected it to be AMMO based like argo series, like swords and knfies... but that is it.....)

3. LB-40
downgrading from previous LB-50 that was fitting the Trauma 1,
[Edited: see Katie post below, name was changed to align to stats]
this is incompatible with the Mayhem trauma 1 amp because it is 10 point lower than need.
please until it is not sold to anyone refit it to a LB-45 mimic of the Armatrix that can accept that amplifier

a fourth item that i would suggest humbly to Revamp is the "poor" SB-90 knife
considering current DPP for Mayhem item to let people use a melee offering a 3.07 DPP seems very poor
similar level range are 3.45 / 3.65 so i suppose that rising the Damage per Pec of the SB90 to 3.30 like the
sword that is 50 level less is not a Blasphemy in a rebalancing optic

Thank you for considering it expecially in view of EPIC store increase of playerbase (Customers) that
are used to other game and pay big attention to itemization of weapons and gears.
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Katie Chalmers

Oct 13, 2020
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Katie Chalmers
I didn’t think the LB-50 (now 40) actually changed in stats. Was just the name I thought. Still a pointless change.

Agree with the SB-90. Being the only non unique 2.0 shortblade (sb-10FEN don’t count) it is seriously lacking in stats for its level. But I doubt it will get changed because it is already discovered.

The azuro on the other hand still has a chance at redemption. My noob friends are chomping at the bit.