Just Another Day


Sep 22, 2009
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Sorven Shrang Shadowsoul
So, in case y'all didn't guess, I'm a non-depositor, so I have to spend quite a bit of time making small amounts of PED. So tonight I was once again walking around looking for stones. I decided I'd start keeping track of what I have, so tonight I started with...

5.12 PED
149 Bombardo
257 Papplon
160 Caroot
25 Kaldon

And then after wandering around for a couple hours I found...

3 finds of papplon: 27, 51, 22 = 100
2 find of common dung: 29, 24 = 53
2 find of brukite: 23, 23 = 46
1 find of nissit: 24

So totals are now...

5.12 PED
149 Bombardo
357 Papplon
160 Caroot
25 Kaldon
52 Common Dung
46 Brukite
24 Nissit

None of this gave me enough to auction, at least not enough that it would actually make the auction worthwhile, so for now I have all of this in storage. Hopefully next time I log in I can find quite a few more stones and be able to sell them and do something a bit different. My next post will not repeat previous values, so I will just say what I found and put totals. I will not be putting equipment here, I will probably find another place to put that so that anyone who cares can see what I actually have.