Buying: Kesmek Bett and other Melee/Mindforce


Oct 1, 2015
Hey guys, just looking for some new options to have for the rental shop. Heres a bunch of ideas of things I'd be interested in.

Any tier:

Force mace Basher
Rutic Bett
Kesmek Bett
Kesmek Vass
Loughlin Masher 2
Ranked Combat Knife

Tier 4 or higher:
Kinetic Attack Nanochip 8
Kinetic Attack Nanochip 9
Electric Attack Nanochip 8
Electric Attack Nanochip 9
Combustive Attack Nanochip 7
Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted

I will be adding to this list once i think of more, and once i get something i will place this thread on hold until i can get another, currently still seeking a new item!!!
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