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Mar 28, 2005
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We need an addition to the land plots. This addition is to add an "animal pen" / "MOB pen" function able to be added to Land Plots.

This "MOB pen" would be a place any player could build on their plot and would be similar to the current Land Area system where you can add a DNA to make mobs spawn.

New DNA items would need to be made, maybe from a lesser ingredient list from mobs. These "Plot Pen DNA' could be (L) and and once added to the "MOB pen" would give a certain number of mobs spawning before the "Plot Pen DNA L" is used up.

This would give most players a taste for the Land Area management system and be a teaser to encourage players to buy LAs. It would also add some fun to the Plot system!

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The land plot system seems to be long abandoned by MA, I don't think we will see changes in this area.
But cool idea!
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The land plot system seems to be long abandoned by MA, I don't think we will see changes in this area.
But cool idea!

Never hurts to give them ideas....

If they implement this it will translate into more money for them so they should want to do something like this! :)
I've long thought that players should have access to instance design tools for areas similar to the caves we have around the place.
We would then not be restricted so much by the small plot sizes.
Then again, I reckon MA would have problems if many people got creative ... just look at some of the things pps have been up to in the past...
Still, I like the idea, yes.
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Really good idea - I'd get a plot if this was a feature
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The land plot idea with mob animal pen is a GENIUS suggestion!
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Yes. I would buy a plot also if this was a thing. Great suggestion. I would name my Hoogglo SirPoopsAlot :)
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I think the bump was at a good time, after close to 2 years on.
We still know very little about new features for players in UE5 relating to land ownership/rental. We don't even know if there will be modular structures we can place connectedly, or if our home interiors will be instances accessed via fake buildings.

I'd love mob pens to be a 'thing' in the future. It could be that it is easier to prevent negative player behaviour (turreting mobs that cost the owner to spawn or leading them away somewhere), as well as manage graphics loads etc better, if this stuff is instanced, but with the ability to place items etc. Small areas could be similar to the hangars in size, or motherships if more activities are possible in UE5 player content areas.

This idea could still make it into the game I believe! :)
I will be honest... not something I would like to build on my plot, but I hope you get it as well.
If MA finally delivers plot gameplay after so many years, I really hope that there will be many various options what we could build and every plot owner could try different things. With option to buldozer/rebuild/adapt your structures over time to not be stuck with selection forever.