Selling: Level 7 finder amplifier UL


Aug 18, 2011
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Lord Vondur Steinmeyer
Level 7 amplifier UL *****LOWERED PRICE****
THE key item for any serious miner. B/O +135 +127k

Ziplex P160 (L) SOLD
The key item for any unserious miner :) Craziest gambling finder in the game. Ores/Enmatters/Treasuries probes: 320/160/480. Meaning 16x the normal cycle.
Can be combined with biggest amps for complete insanity and the biggest mining drops available in EU (Normal ore hits indoor become Huge XVIII's).
TT is 8.68 ped.

Terramaster 3 Goldrush Tier 9.9 SOLD

Modified refiner SOLD

Most eco refiner in the game. Only one available.

Improved excavator Tier 1.9 SOLD
Most eco exca in the game and very fast. This along with the mod refiner makes the set especially efficient when getting the hard-dug Alternative, lyst, oil etc.

Christmas ring 2016 SOLD
Incredible mining/utility/defensive ring. Constant 15% skill boost for all mining related skills, 25% more rare mining finds (SOOTO's), 15% reload, 200% regen, 25% runspeed and more: Christmas Ring 2016 wiki

PM or make open bids in thread. CASH ONLY!

Refiner and excavator will be available first in a few days since I have some uni ammo I need to use up.
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Updated, have two bids at 10.3 for excavator right now.
Refiner and Excavator sold. Congratulations to new owner!
Bump to celebrate January the 2nd!