Price Check lich shin guards, gloves, helmet (L) mu value


Jul 22, 2019
i have the bps to manufacture the items but i am not sure at what price to sell the lows value is 129%mu approx monthly low volume(i am not looking at the bp right now)
and the highest i believe is 150% mu decade (again not looking at the bp right now could be wrong)

what do you think is a fair price?
and why?

(i am a new shop owner (bout the shop about a year ago i believe but just now started using it more then once every 2-4 months )) and need to know prices better on crafted items if i am not allowed to do price checks tell me and i will delete my post, i know i am not allowed to use selling forum but there is no info on whether a shop owner can price check,)
(i am going to sleep if it is not allowed i will delete tomorrow)
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