Help: Looking for SEINSEI (Mentor, ish)


Apr 13, 2019
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Jan DuckiX Sobek

I started to play in 2017. Played about a year, cashed out and took a break. Came back in Feb 2019 and playing heavily since.

I am currently sitting on about 100k skills. (48lvl laser hit/dmg) Placed 4th in CAT3 mayhem. Back in 2017 i did grind oros mostly, now I would call myself full-time tiarak hunter. However I am planning to move on and trying different mobs now. I am always about break even, as hunting high MU mobs, however I am not able to move on, at any point and thats just sad and need to be improved.

I did graduate already, so no benefit in this way for you. Sorry. I do not offer any reward for this help at the moment. Only friendship. If I am going to be able to progress with your help, I would not mind to reward you with some extra PEDs for you, but nothing heavy. I am more looking for someone willing to teach me for free and his own happiness to do so.

I am looking for someone very experienced and profitable in the game. For someone who does not mind to share the knowledge and will help me to improve, grow.

Playing on 18k PEDs total (TT value 10k+MU)
Adj nemesis
Ares improved
Athenic modified

IG nick:

Jan Duckix Sobek