Looted Lore Logs From Yesteryear


Feb 14, 2007
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Been rummaging around in storage and apartment. I can't remember when these were looted, nor what use they were or are, just wondered if these are worth anything either ped or lore wise? I would be willing to donate them to a Calypso museum if we had one. On that, I remember the old EU arriving at Port Atlantis. It was a hub of activity, noobs like me coming off the ship, some people trying to mob train the noob area and in some cases succeeding so new arrival were met with immediate death which was quite funny. After collecting your orange suit you then went into PA, where traders were trading, people fighting in the ring, mentors waiting for new disciples, and the mob museum. It was a hub of activity and a great entrance into the world of EU, unlike the empty PA today where nobody is there. It was my first ever venture into a virtual online world and I remember seeing many of the creatures to be found on Calypso hanging in the museum. MA should so bring this back (Or is there one I've missed?) Anyhooooooo, if anybody can shed any light on how these were looted and if they had or have a purpose other than lore, I would be interested as I had forgotten all about them and ho I got them apart from they dropped from mobs for a while. I have a few of these and have just posted examples.


May 13, 2009
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All logs are public now at Calypso Museum, Morningtear Castle (78080 87500) West of Camp Echidna
Thank you George Skywalker for making all of them public :)

Cobaltium ingot (Log 1 recipe )
- Nova fragments (100)
- Basic stone extractors (40)
- Durulium stones (2)
- Cobalt stones (4)

Distilled Sweat Crystal (Log 2)
- Nova Fragment (30)
- Force Nexus (3)
- Melchi water (8)
- Diluted Sweat (92)
- Vibrant Sweat (30)

Galvesperdite Ingot (Log 3 recipe)
- Nova Fragments (less than 1k)
- 3x Zinc Stones
- 2x Henren Steams
- 3x Adomasite Stones
- 3x Vesperdite stones
- Vibrant Sweat (less than 1k )

Solares Ingot (Log 4)
- Nova Fragment
- Gazzurdite Stone
- Animal Muscle Oil
- Ares
- Solis beans

Frigulerian Dust (Log 5)
- Nova Fragment (50)
- Magerian Mist (3)
- Acid Root (4)
- Typonolic Steam (3)
- Frigulite Stone (9)

Chalinum Alloy (Log 6)
- Nova Fragment (100)
- Crude Oil (39)
- Melchi Water (18)
- Animal Thyroid Oil (6)
- Dianum Ore (1)

Lystionite Steel Ingot (Log 7)
- Nova Fragment
- Azzurdite Stone
- Lysterium Stone
- Iron Stone
- Robot Weapon Grip

Aumorphite Ingot (Log 8)
- Blazar Fragment
- Gold Stone
- Vibrant Sweat
- Angelic Grit
- Alien resin Fluid
- Lanorium Stone
- Morpheus Stone
- Thyriod oil

Galaurphite Ingot (Log 9 recipe)
- Nova Fragment (80)
- Blausariam Stone (2)
- Animal Thyroid Oil (2)
- Galvesperdite Ingot (1)
- Aumorphite (1)

Zincalicid Energy Crystal (Log 10)
- Blazar Fragment
- Energized crystal cell
- Alien Acid
- Acid Root
- Zinc Stone
- Ferrum nuts

Magtonium Dust (Log 11)
- Nova Fragment
- Petonium Stone
- Magerian Mist
- Vibrant Sweat
- Pile of Jasper

Aurilinin Gel (Log 12 recipe)
- Aurli shock flesh
- Alien blood
- Lumis leach
- Gold stone
- Diluted sweat

Complete Duchev Logs

Morningtear Castle is definitely worth a visit btw... :tiphat:
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Dec 11, 2006
I know I looted my logs from mobs, but I just cannot remember which ones.
Any, literally everything on Calypso had a chance to drop the McGrangus logs during the Genesis event in 2012, and the Duchev logs during the Orb event in 2008. Still have quite a bunch of those, although not a complete collection.


May 23, 2010
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I got a McGrangus log from a sooto mining