Low eff hunting experiment

Day 12 of the experiment: i've got my equalizer finally, 42k+ cycled, 10k+ mobs. I'm at 99,6% tt return atm. I decided to use my [Mayhem Kinetic Amplifier 2] instead of [Mayhem MF-Amplifier Gamma (L)] and save 0,5% extra MU this way ( see my 1st post for details ).
Yep, i heard this many times "dude, you can not get more than 95% TT back with low eff setup" ( from the 'ped printer' sellers mosty LOL ).
Yeah... Not much to say aside that people want you to buy their crafts while staying on caly.
Low eff setups often require offworld things which those lazy players dont like.
MA said it that the return isnt efficiency based... Efficiency boosting instance of loot is actually the fact that high DPP give shit TT return and more MU. Thus, high level weapons tend to have more efficiency because they probably always had lower return to begin with.

Grindhouse Striptease. Nearly 600% MU with 0 efficiency. Those ppl all get their return.. On mobs that give too much TT food the 0 efficiency help a lot as at least shrap convert 100% vs TT food.
I like an update too because of of two things must be true

Either, no new players should join unless they plan to make it their fulltime job and lose a 100k first

Or, uber weapons are a myth.

In either case, the truth would hurt MA's reputation :scratch2:
They just live in the twilight of the unknown (and gamblers, definitely EP4 gamblers :laugh: )
Either, no new players should join unless they plan to make it their fulltime job and lose a 100k first

Or, uber weapons are a myth.

Neither is true. Base starter efficiency is 55+% with which you can do quite alright up until the MU dropoff at mid level (where the choices are much more limited)

Uber weapons do exactly what they advertise. They open up more opportunities. Either via DPS or via efficiency and/or DPP. Or both.

The best weapons in game are not magic PED-printers. You cant just go out shoot whatever and TT all your loot even with those weapons (although results would likely be less bad than when using crap items). They give you more flexibility and more opportunities.
Loot-2.0 A new Economy rating parameter will be introduced, on a scale of 1-100, that indicates the efficiency of a tool and which influences loot calculations. This change from the once dominant damage/pec model will provide the design team with more freedom to release exciting and interesting items with a wider range of damage output and special effects.
Loot-2.0-Follow-Up This installment of Developer Notes attempts to clear up some of the questions and misconceptions. {...} One of the most misunderstood features of Loot 2.0 was the introduction of the Economy parameter and its effect on loot calculations. {...} The largest components by far in loot value calculations are costs {...} The Efficiency parameter is a relatively small component in loot calculations (no more than 7% of total loot value).*
*As return is return and a few % or even 10-20% difference is no more than 0.7-1.4% loot value. The only thing it mean is that someone using a more efficient weapon is getting trivial extra per instance but drain the loot pool. If you use a TT weapon vs armatrix. The difference in efficiency is trivial at best. In the case of a grindhouse it only mean that you dont get more loot per instance but like going full condition on crafting, you get the chance at a big one more often as the result of next quote clearly show results of players without the efficient having any actual matter. At best you pull on your big hit faster and will simply get less when you global than if you had less efficiency.

Early data show positive results from those experiments:
  • Hunters with turnover of more than 50000 PED since Sept. 11 have enjoyed returns of 98.6% on average.
  • Hunters with turnover between 10000 and 50000 PED since Sept. 11 have enjoyed returns of 97.05% on average.
Effects of Critical Hits/Damage on Loot
Finally, we have noticed several misconceptions in recent community discussions regarding Critical Hits that we would like to clarify. Critical Hits do not have a direct impact on loot value calculations per se. Since loot is now based on the actual cost to kill a creature in Loot 2.0, dealing more damage via critical hits (or by having higher damage per pec) does result in smaller loot events