Selling: LP-100 Modified & LP-120 , 2.0 guns for Winners !


Oct 24, 2013
Medusa Bazaar floor2, shop3
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Gaina "Messi91" Cristi

Currently planning on selling the following 2 items.

A&P Series Mayhem LP-100 Modified BO 150k SOLD FOR BO
A&P Series Mayhem LP-120 BO 130K

I will keep those 2 items listed Until Eomon hit Calypso.If I don't sell it by then.I will keep tokens for superior items (BP-130).

Also if you plan to send me offers do it simple via PM , gun and price in PED, no stories, no items.Keep it simple.

I got 119k tokens so don't ask about 120k tokens because I don't have enough for now.

Items can be seen in twin peaks Mayhem Token Vendor for better accuracy.Do your due diligence for stats.
I did not purchase any item right now.All my tokens are in my inventory ready to be used.

How we trade?
I will not purchase the item before you pay at least 30% of the value in peds without collateral on my side.
Once I will collect the peds I will buy the item you specify and upon the trade is completed you pay the rest of the peds.
If you change your mind once I purchased the item ( you lose your 30% and I will sell the gun to another party)
Make your own judgement.I only provide this service and I am not responsible for anything else once the deal is completed.Trades are final.

Please refrain on posting any comments in this thread.

Msg me on forum is best option to reach me.
Best of luck
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A&P Series Mayhem LP-100 Modified currently on Hold.
I will resume taking offers if I fail to complete the deal.