Selling: LP-70 FEN T8.29 + HC 204/ Arson FEN T3.99 / Eon F T 2.99 / Xmas+Hallow 2018 rings


Mar 13, 2018
Have been kinda bored and burnt out from playing the game for the last month or so and so looking to lower the amount I have invested. Can't justify such gear when I barely get around to playing more than a few days a month. Maybe migration changes it who knows in the mean time the gear is available for purchase. Offers below SB ignored, can offer lesser FEN/2.0 weapons in trade but otherwise ped/CLD only.

LP 70 imo the best mid+ level gun in game 89.8 efficiency/over 174 DPS with enhancers and a204 + 15% reload/5 FB much more with pills, if you cycle a lot (and this can cycle over 20k a day with normal play, if you macro its even more) it saves you a ton on TT loss and unlocks a lot of high damage/hp/mu mobs
SB:/ BO 175/180k

Arson Fen: (best tagger in game imo, adds efficient dps to any setup, recently completed my final goal with it which was to unlock intuition, great way to level the mf skills without committing to the profession)
SB/BO 39k

Arson+LP70 combo price 210k

Xmas 2018 24k

Keep thread clean, serious enquiries only, best way to reach me is via forum PM am going to be away for a few days but will try to check in as much as I can.
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This is next lvl advertising 🤣... do u sell macro aswell i mean that would land a buyer instantly 🤣🤣🤣
I don't macro if I did I wouldn't be bored playing, infact the macro meta is part of the reason I wish to stop playing as I think it's bullshit but the fact remains I can cycle over 20k a day with my style so macro can do much more than me.
What tier is the arson fen?
Back from holidays with some sunburn that basically makes it look like i'm wearing martial arm guards, eon armor no longer available pending trade (acceptable bo offer made) think i caught up with all non time wasting messages rest of the stuff still currently open to offers.
Wen lambo
Added lp-70 arson fen and hypercharged to auction as I will be busy this week and not sure to be able to login, rest of items available via thread and I am still able to login to forum
A204 sold for buyout so removed those combo deals, added arson+lp70 combo deal and all listed items are back up for bidding , also lowered ring b/o and listed seperate price for each ;)
Decent amount of interest in the hallow 2018, lowered combo price to a very sexy 45k as i'd rather not split them if possible but individual buyouts remain.
Tip, remove the "E" at the end of arson link and it will work :)
Tip, remove the "E" at the end of arson link and it will work :)
:ROFLMAO: wonder how long that was broken, thanks. Roughly SB met on lp70 so possibly gone soon. Waiting on a couple of people re: halloween ring, no love for xmas 2018 though, ya'll hate christmas or something? scrooges.