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Working on lowering TT value on some unlimited knives, swords, and guns before I put them back in the shop.

Happy Halloween. Guess there's no Halloween gifts this year (unless Mindark dropped the ball again this year and we'll see a gift or two in about 3-4 days?)

With the redesign of space and unknown certainty of if there are gifts out there, and the high cost of thruster decay I'm incurring these days to get up to the shop on FOMA, I doubt I'll planet hop this holiday, but may in Xmas as Arkadia always has descent Christmas stuff... Last year I think Rocktropia didn't have any Halloween stuff. I think they are trying to force folks in to opening boxes, but meh...
still working on 100 feffoid mission. About 1/4 of the way there. I've found I really like the Shriek Offensive as a weapon. Whether or not I'll keep one in inventory at all times, we'll see... seems to have right around right dps for the feffoids

I did get a few sales in the shop today! :)

Ambulimax Young 142 PED Sat, 02 Nov 2019 03:27:17

love this little area where ambu and feffoid are mixed.

Trauma amp on Adjusted Boiga and Gremlin +5b +the epic fap from cyrene is a nice little set up here. Shriek Offensive is a nice little gun to use when shrpanel converts over to universal ammo too.

I really like the blue ground. Kinda of soothing on the eyes.

After the 100 feffoid are done (pretty close now), I'll probably move on to something else... either more low hanging fruit missions I never completed pre-codex or figure out some set up so that I can stay upstairs a good long while without having to fiddle with thruster decay to get to the shop... Think last little thruster decay was more than usual since I hit all the planets I had stuff on to pull it all in to inventory, or storage (still need to go pick up stuff on Monria, but may go back to crafting there?... we'll see)

Does anyone know if the skill boost stuff works on crafting?
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Feffoid Warrior 55 PED Sun, 03 Nov 2019 02:46:10

100 Feffoid mission done...
Now about a third in to the next 100 to unlock the upgrade missions..

originally came down here to Calypso from FOMA to just burn off some tt value on UL weapons, but have found this a nice little goal I've been wanting to do for some time now...

My armor is a mix of adjusted musica and gremlin +5b at the moment (TTed a few of the gremlin sets a while back to afford the shop at the time... hard to find certain female gremlin parts on auction, lol)

Adjusted Boiga + trauma amp cuts through the feffoid nicely.
Also working with the shriek offensive a bit since I've come to like this as a back up to the whip. I used to use swords and axes a lot but think the whip and gun work for my hunting style... also gives me a few secondary skills that helps with taming if I ever get back in to taming...

speaking of taming Boxer pet is still up in the FOMA shop if someone wants him. Rare Pet...

Dropped the deed to the RARE upgraded Arkadia apartment on to auction today. Happy Bidding! :)



From the Celeste Harbour South TP go to the first building in front of the TP (it has terminals around it) and go to the entrance on the left side (Enhancer Street is downstairs) - take the televator on up to level 5.

This is a RARE apartment because it's been upgraded via the Estate Development Program (Cost of 2K for the upgrade by itself) . Because of this upgrade this is one of the few apartments on Arkadia that actually have enough item points in the front room near the televator to hold a shopkeeper!
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Pretty good night hunting!

Feffoid Warrior 256 PED Mon, 04 Nov 2019 07:05:07
Feffoid Guard 55 PED Mon, 04 Nov 2019 06:44:11
Feffoid Raider 88 PED Mon, 04 Nov 2019 06:38:31
Feffoid Guard 127 PED Mon, 04 Nov 2019 06:27:41
Feffoid Berserker 55 PED Mon, 04 Nov 2019 05:58:27




Used a few untradeable pills, and stuff to up skill gains and health a bit... Found a decent combination of ArMatrix LR-15(L) as tagger and Shriek Offensive as main... Since the LR-15 has slightly longer range it pulls the mob out of the group... nice where I'm hunting these guys as I'm not currently on the Ambu mission primarily, just on the feffoid. Still about 10 more to go tomorrow to complete the 200 for the upgrade mission prereq.

Gremlin + 5b requires a lot of fapping, but it's doable. Working on lowering TT value of some of the UL faps I can put back in shop in a few days as well. ;)

Lesson learned... always hunt for multiple hours at a time, and when you do it use pills when you got em. :)
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Armax and Snarksnot

The slaughter of the Armax and Snarksnot have begun! :)
Value Time
Armax Bull Mature 252 PED Wed, 06 Nov 2019 23:49:08




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Merp Young 15 PED Thu, 14 Nov 2019 04:32:25
Berycled Dominant 27 PED Thu, 14 Nov 2019 00:24:31
Sabakuma Old 7 PED Mon, 11 Nov 2019 22:08:07
on Cyrene...

On Cyrene doing the maze daily again, at least til xmas. A couple of items have sold via the shop. I will restock one of these days.

I am also slowly working on the pleak ranger mission.

Currently on Rank 4. Still need to go through Rank 5 and 6.

but won't likely do a lot of pleaks after the rank I'm on til codex gets implemented in Cyrene AND until Mindark gets better deposit and withdrawal methods updated... Really missing the ol paypal days.
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Pretty descent stuff this year. Think they upped it above normal number of items due to forgetting to put in the Halloween stuff this year. Annoying to get boxes when you cannot open them without buying a key on webshop and webshop only sells them in bundles of 5, but it is what it is. :)

Cyrene had the treat bag drop for xmas around same time the Calypso stuff dropped. Just read on facebook that Next Island dropped a Lara backpack. Currently on Arkadia waiting, waiting waiting (Ark usually does pretty nice stuff on xmas, but they don't drop it til right at xmas eve or so)... may hop over to Next Island before holiday season is over.

Anyone know if Rocktropia is doing anything this year? One post on forum from Toulan mentioned they were thinking last year about doing xmas gifts this year, but no confirmation of if it is actually going to happen there.
Got bored of waiting around for Arkadia to drop xmas stuff, so went on over to Next Island. L.A.R.A. is NOT tameable at this point in time, but the little L.A.R.A. backpack is neat. The little fenced in area for LARA near the tp nearest you when you get to the planet is a nice idea but it causes the mob to go unreachable a lot...

Next Island DID NOT drop any other xmas stuff, only the backpack (most other planets drop at least 3 items if you meet the right requirements)

Kinda makes me wonder if the other items will drop on Next Island when Arkadia's stuff drops, but uh, well, not gonna stick around to find out for now.

Thought about checking out Toulan and Rocktropia, but what the hell is the point? They typically don't drop xmas stuff at all. There was one year each did, but that is it I think if I remember correctly.

Back to FOMA we go.
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still no xmas gifts on Arkadia?... hmm... It's 12/25/2019 currently...
now it's 12/26/2019 and still no xmas gifts on Arkadia?!?... hmm...
Quick little run through Mario (or is it Maria? ;) ) Instance and Maze.

Instance time is too slow to do the advanced run since I do the double click thing... Just not that great with jumping without the double click to keep me on the platform... practice to get fast I may.

4:29-6:16 is the maze in above video for new runners in there. (Have fun, I'll get back to it someday. Currently on the Ark Moon doing some hazmat suit running)... I don't do the Mario maze any more since the change in graphics engine thing as you cannot do that click and run towards that direction cheat/help thing that made it somewhat doable. Maze is still fairly easy since it's just running along same floor plane and you can use z and c to rotate, etc.
Moon daily extractor waypoints. These can be pasted into the chat, and then made into a in game sticky note to assist with tracking.
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10959, 10078, 107, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10793, 10059, 108, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10713, 10225, 112, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10479, 10430, 81, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9960, 10240, 110, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10027, 9971, 133, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 9916, 9672, 112, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10042, 9151, 129, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10313, 9107, 115, Waypoint]
/wp [Arkadia Moon, 10392, 9280, 127, Waypoint]

got the hat, gloves, and boots now... rest of suit will be acquired over next few days... then on to daily ped challenge or alternatively challenge to collect second set to sell if you are allowed to do that?

Still doing the Daily Hazmat Suit missions on Arkadia Moon. Worked through the first few levels. Now working on the 7 day one. This mission, without using a quad takes roughly 30 minutes to complete with my augmented hermetic ring and adjusted harrier suit and their speed buffs...

What I've started doing in mean time while spending that 30 minutes in game daily not hunting or mining or crafting is leveling a few pets I still have in inventory that still have food in their bellies. Eventually after they run out of food I'll either only feed one or just give up on this taming business?... probably need to up levels on some of the more rare pets so they can spawn here, but we'll see... don't really want to walk away from this little mission after I complete full hazmat suit since after that the daily mission can get me 2 ped a day. Not much for a 30 minute mission daily, but it could add up over time, etc. I'm sure the cost of training up pets is a bit, but am pretty sure they are burning less than 2 ped nutrio a day?... at least the few I've got on me that can spawn here.

Sales in the shop on FOMA have been a little slow, but I haven't been focused on marketing it too much either, or adding in stuff since I've been on Ark Moon the last few weeks.

The Rare Apartment on Arkadia itself is still for sale if anyone's interested...
Oompa Mature 79 PED Mon, 03 Feb 2020 21:34:08
Level 3 Whiskers

Nusul level 10

I'll probably keep working the oompas and daily hazmat mission on Ark Moon for a while til I run out of ammo, tt value on the however many blasted guns I'm carrying, pets run out of food or I get too bored.

Wish there was a nutrio provider here. May need to fly down to Arkadia proper to stock up when pets go dry... may head back to the shop to change what's in there in a while as well... but going to take a while to get time since we are working on moving irl in a few weeks.

Trying to talk Cyrene in to starting up something similar to the 2 ped a day hazmat mission on Ark Moon, but we'll see how that goes... Took them about 3 years to finish promises some of the old promises about the mazes, but they did get em implemented and pretty quickly once prompted, unlike some other Planet Partners...

Finally repurchased Gremlin Thigh Guard to complete the rest of the Gremlin Set... TTed a bunch of the parts many months back when I purchased FOMA shop 22 so that I didn't have to deposit a lot at that time to make up the last few peds needed to buy the shop.

Feels nice to be getting back to where I was, ready to hunt more often without having to piece together several set of armor.... ;)

In a really good place both in game and in real life at the moment. :)

Future is brighter than it has been in a long time.

Hunting's going to be a bit more fun now... :)

(Athenic is the new one, the others I've had a while... also have the augmented taming ring too but that isn't anything spectacular...)
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Argonaut Guardian 25 PED Fri, 14 Feb 2020 03:45:03


Continuing to hit the argonauts a bit while upping levels on some pets, etc. Plan to eventually get most pets that are not instantly exportable up to level 7 before I head back to Arkadia Moon to do the daily 2 ped thing or to Foma to restock shop with other stuff...

Happy Valentines Day! :)
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Fed some Calypso based pets that I haven't fed before last night... Going to work on upping their levels to 7 so that I can spawn em anywhere in the virtual universe. Figure I have them, may as well work with them a bit.

Maybe some day Mindark will redo the system to make pets a little more worth having than they are now. The buffs they do have are swell, but there's so much more they could be doing if Mindark put a little more focus on redesigning the things the pet system can do. Had high hopes for the Compets crossover idea but now that that's gone Mindark should create a better reason for pets to be in game.

They are causing some of their biggest pet supporters to slowly leave or focus on other things, which is kind of sad...
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Argonaut and pets upping in levels...

Argonaut Guardian 45 PED Tue, 18 Feb 2020 04:38:02



Level 4 Ancient Snablesnot


Since no one seems to be wanting to buy the Rare Upgraded Apartment on Arkadia it may become the new Zoo... eventually... but we'll see...
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Maria's new Little Zoo - (the below is outdated so this is a new zoo in progress)
Maria's Little Zoo


-------------------------Maria's Little Zoo:-------------------------
(this post will be updated over time as pet levels increase, etc.)
(this list will be updated over time as new pets are acquired)

pets listed are main pets Maria is leveling up.
Other pets may be available for purchase.
(for right price these will be too! :) )

Ancient Universal Critters:
(exportable without leveling up):
Ancient Daikiba - Level 1
Passive Effect: Skill Gain Pet and Taming 15% @ Level 20

Ancient Exarosaur Strong (Legendary) - Level 3
Passive Effect: Skill Gain Pet and Taming 20% @ Level 28

Ancient Exarosaur - Level 1
Passive Effect: Skill Gain Pet and Taming 15% @ Level 20

Ancient Calypso Critters:
(require level 7 to export)

Ancient Snablesnot Male Strong - Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming 20% @ Level 26

Ancient Snablesnot Female Strong - Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming 20% @ Level 27

Ancient Snablesnot Female - Level 6
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming 15% @ Level 20

Compets/Strongbox Critters:
(exportable without leveling up)
(not listed these guys yet ssince main goal of this list is to create checklist for myself of what pets are leveling up... since these guys are already exportable they can already be spawned on non-Calypso planets)

Calypso Critters:
(requires level 7 to export usually)

Hogglo Pygmy (Common) - Level 5
Passive Effect: Decreased Pet Focus Regeneration Strength: 20% @ Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming Strength: 15% @ Level Required: 30

Atrox Pet - Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain Pet and Taming 15% @ Level 16

Ruby Chirin Dragon (Epic) - Level 4

Passive Effect: Increased Pet Focus Generation 15% @ Level 15
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming 15% @ Level 6

Sapphire Chirin Dragon (Rare) - Level 6
Passive Effect: Increased Pet Focus Generation Strength: 10% @ Level 6
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming Strength: 15% @ Level 18

Chirin Dragon (Common) - Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming Strength: 10% @ Level Required: 11
Eudorian Ruby Devil (Epic) - Level 5
Passive Effect: Increased Pet Focus Generation Strength: 15% @ Level 6
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming Strength: 15% @ Level Required: 16

Eudorian Sapphire Devil (Rare) - Level 3
Passive Effect: Increased Pet Focus Generation Strength: 10% @ Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming Strength: 15% @ Level Required: 19

Eudorian Devil (Common) - Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming Strength: 10% @ Level 12
Corinthian Ruby Kanin (Epic)- Level 4
Passive Effect: Increased Pet Focus Generation 10% @ Level 6
Passive Effect: Increased Run Speed 14% @ Level 25

Corinthian Silver Kanin (Rare) - Level 5
Passive Effect: Increased Pet Focus Generation 10% @ Level 8
Passive Effect: Increased Run Speed 12% @ Level 23

Corinthian Kanin (common) - Level 7
Passive Effect: Increased Run Speed 8% @ Level 17
Cornundacauda (Common) - Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming: Strength: 10% @ Level: 13

Combibo (Common) - Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming: Strength: 10% @ Level 13

Bristlehog - Level 8
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming: Strength 10% @ Level 14

Monria Critters (Calypso)
(used to be able to export at taming, but now require level 7)
Leprechaun Blue (Rare) - Level 5
Passive Effect: Increased Pet Focus Generation 10% @ Level 8
Increased Run Speed: 12% @ Level 23

Green Leprechaun - Level 4
Passive Effect: Decreased Pet Focus Regeneration 20% @ Level 11


Yog Hatchling- Level 4
Passive Effect: Excavator Master: 10% @ Level 10

Arkadian Pets:
(Require Level 7 to export - Pandi Pup is not exportable at all)
Tame Oratan Miner - Level 2
Passive Effect: Decreased Critical Damage 3% @ Level 20
Passive Effect: Skill Gain Pet and Taming 20% @ Level 23

Pandi Pup - Level 1
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming 10% @ Level 14

Toulan Pets:
Tab Tab: Level 7

Cyrene Pets:
Arret- Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming: 10% @ Level 14

WolperTinger - Level 3
Passive Effect: Skill Gain Pet and Taming: 10% @ Level 14

Paneleon - Level 3
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming 10% @ Level 14

Next Island/Secret Island Pets:
Asclarias: Level 7
Passive: Increased Run Speed: 8% @ Level 14
Passive: Auto Loot: 5 meters @ Level 19

Pygmy Kong: Level 7
Passive Effect: Decreased Critical Damage: 3% @ Level 21
Skill Gain Pet and Taming: 20% @ Level 24

Island Gorilla

L.A.R.A. - Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain Pet and Taming 10% @ Level 20
Passive Effect: Increased Run Speed 8% @ Level 19

Lofven Papoo: Level 7
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming: 10% @ Level 14
(now exportable at level 7 - didn't used to be that way previously)​
Pets no longer in the zoo at this time:
Oratan Axe (Legendary) - SOLD
Passive Effect: Auto Loot Strength: 45.0 Meters @ Level 18
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet and Taming Strength: 20% @ Level 23
(sold due to no real need for auto loot with new graphics system F Key functionality and due to market factors. This critter was an Arkadian Event Reward - has highest known auto loot range of any pet in game at the time of this writing. Proceeds from the selling of this creature allowed me to buy Foma Shop #22.)

Boxer (Rare) - Level 14 - SOLD
Passive Effect: Decreased Critical Damage Strength: 3.0% @ Level 21
Passive Effect: Increased Run Speed Strength: 14% @ Level 24
[Proceeds form the sell of the Boxer Pet have allowed me to start the TT+HALF PED SERVICE]

Reference to Old Zoo Index

Maria's new Little Zoo - (the below is outdated so this is a new zoo in progress)
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Ancient Snablesnot Male Strong

Ancient Snablesnot Male Strong (Legendary) - Level: 7
Exportable @ Level 7
Training: Hard
Rarity: Legendary
Passive Effect: Skill Gain - Pet & Taming 20% @ Level 26

Tricks: Greet, Dance, Bow, Roll Over, Sit






Back to the Zoo Index
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