Info: Medusa Head "Community" Hangar

Community Room usage and configuration

  • Love the idea and already use or will use it as it is

  • Boardroom Style: Longer table with more seats

  • Hollow Square Style: Tables arranged in a square with an open center

  • Theater Style: More seats facing the podium, no tables

  • Classroom Style: Separate tables with 2 to 4 chairs each, facing the podium

  • Grind or quit, i am not into it

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Oct 13, 2021
Medusa Head Hangar
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Moog Heaviside Sapiens
/ Quick Peek :
There is a hangar you may not know about and that could serve your meeting purposes.
Feel free to visit Medusa Head Hangar (53300, 69050) Medusa Teleporter, Calypso

/ Epic Tale :

“ In this vast digital expanse, the link between our virtual interactions on Chat/Discord and the immersive in-game experiences we crave always have room for improvements. This cold hangar here may be more than a personal shelter ”
This kind of illustrates my original motivation. I equipped this hangar envisioning a hub for dynamic interactions and strategic planning for the day I would engage in more serious gameplay and join a society. Though life drastically limits my playtime, i never made the move properly. Here is the opportunity to take a step towards you and share this.​

Introducing Medusa Head “Community” Hangar :
A thoughtfully designed space, offering an inspiring and professional atmosphere to elevate your social experiences. Imagine strategizing around a grand table with 28 seats, having focused discussions at an additional 4-seat table, or presenting your ideas from a professional podium.
(Not to mention the four devoted NPCs that will serve all your trading/crafting/storing/repairing needs along the way)

This hangar design is far from perfect so please take all this with a grain of salt. Some nice meetings have taken place here, it suited my needs, maybe it could suit yours.
More than a thread about another place to visit during your journey, i see it as an opportunity to make a call for tomorrow. The only way is forward, one step at a time. Maybe someday Entropia will offer conference rooms, theaters ?​

For now, just check out the picture and feel free to visit and enjoy the place whenever you like.
Comment, suggest, make a move if you think there is something (or not) to catch here. You might redecorate your own estates or hangars in a far better way within the next hour, and that’s the beauty of it, please do ! Can't wait to see how things unfold the next time i come by.

Grind hard, Enjoy more, Connect the most!
(Says the solo player who never found the time to engage deeper into social connections .. but you know it’s legit !)


P.S. : Since the question has already been asked several time, this hangar and the furnitures inside are not for sale and will not be for sale under any circumstances.

Edit 1 : Although the topic is quite niche, I am pleased to see some positive feedback already. I received a particularly kind and encouraging message this morning that motivated me to extend it with a poll to gather your input on the overall proposal and the main room configuration. The poll is, of course, optional, but your participation will be greatly appreciated and valuable.
… and it sounds like i could be in the market for some more chairs and tables. If anyone has some spare of the same type, please let me know by PM!
Edit 2 : Picture updated
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I like the space invader on the wall looking down at you :) It's a nice touch
very cool
I wouldn't worry too much on creating a vote and options for people to vote on. These things are very subjective and your never going get everyone to like whatever decisions you make.

What you have created as seen in pics above is first class given what we have in the game. I would keep the table as is i.e. boardroom style.

Having said that there is always room for improvement. I'm sure with time you'll get ideas to to tweak it here and there e.g. for example I like plants so I would say add more plants around. Vegetation upgrades ftw hehe :)

Also best people to listen to would be the ones who actually use these facilities for meetings. So perhaps get their feedback. That's easier said than done though. I would also add open feedback is better in these types of things.
it is awesome, incredible ambience.
i voted grind or goto walk the dog :)
i cant sadly find any use of sitting in a virtual place, i would rather use a discord channel to interact while gaining some skill.
great artistic work tho
Sometimes while grinding.

You end up meeting someone who you haven't seen for long long time.

At those rare times or occasionaly when i meet someone new to me.

Now that it's possible again* sit down and spend sometime chatting or just standby the person.

Discord is nice but i feel overtime you will spend alot time in your own "bubble" or in that spesific social circle you have going atm.

IF i grind 1 to 2 month straight i should have time for 30min chat ingame time to time. 😅

So i love the idea! Anything that makes people social and bond is good in my opinion. 👏👏👏

Not that there is anything wrong with min/maxing and being efficient gameplay/time wise.
If you are going social all the way, consider installing bed in a small room. ;p