message center bug


Jun 8, 2011
Southeast USA
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Catiana Cat Well
Lately when I check the message center to see what has been sold the 2nd page doesn't show.
This has happened repeatedly...I usually relog & it fixes it, but today it kicked me off the game.
Not a huge issue, but I need to see what has been sold to restock shops.
Personally I see lag but if "I stand still" and do nothing for a couple of sec's next pages are restored.
Also you can test to uncheck all other info you don't realy need in daily basis (or never) such as Hof/sticky/mails etc
message center still bugged

This isn't lag... it is a bug in the system.
When I logged on today, the message center system alerts showed 3 pages.
When I checked my messages & went back to check the system alerts (where it shows what has been sold)
it no longer showed 3 pages, just 1. So I am going to log on again & hope it shows 3 pages again...