Meta Codex


Probably last update for a while since I have started my sell out. :p
Well... over 600 point is massive indeed....
i put color codes for first 3...
like a podium

a big GG to Vizzanu Joat and John

We should probably split "completer ladder" over 600

you guys are on another league....
Yo !

Rank 122 (10 more :yup:)

Epoch Epik NoMercy - Meta codex 177

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100 - Rubbade CigarrTed Runar
Themodius Craw Craw - Meta codex: 250
Wow some grinding monsters on this list :rofl:

I've only opened the codex a couple of weeks ago, not sure where I'm at today. This seems the most relevant place to say that this is a great change to the game. Getting most of the irons on my mission log was a fun task for me, but that's only because I did it as a separate task (get all the missions). Having to get them, make the exchanges, etc... was basically just chores.

The codex provides a real sense of progression, and a sort of positive reinforcement that's very encouraging when you're exploring around and start picking up mobs. The automatic achievement/reward cycle is good.
Update : 10 more for me
Meta rank 50 now
little update : (y)