Metal Residue, bug or feature


Jun 10, 2024
Recently I was told about the crate items extend to metal residue for the galactia mission. So I looked into the item and it has a few cool features to it. First, it doesn't say lootable, my thinking is for the mission turn in that is in pvp space. But I wouldn't trust this as it is also saying, will not return any ped value when sold to TT, however if you do so, you get your TT value back in peds. Or nanocubes if you wish to. Just a 2% refiner decay cost to make it into a crate.
From what i remember and i might be wrong but idgaf, mats that used for mission galactica can be turned to crates and don't wont be lootable in space so i dont know why metal residue would be possible to transform in that, so ya i say its a bug and even an exploit if metal is cheaper than nanocubes.
Metal res is one of the items needed for the mod resto part of the chain. The cost of refining and refining it back to res would be greater than any value you would get.