Mindarks todo list/fix list 2021


Sep 28, 2010
nah, work it all together.
Ah, ambition! :) But here? ;) Also, don't forget the stables. They really should be part of 'fixing' the content in EU, seeing as how there are players invested in them an' all! So much could be done, less that could be done well in the "current circumstances" (understand what you wish here), and much much much less that will be done. Sigh...


Feb 22, 2008
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I think EVERYONE will be happy for 2021 if we get these two updates:

1. A new detailed MAP system (much like Google Earth)" with ability to MAKE NOTES, auto-track Globals, Mining drops, Hunting kills, Mark mob locations on the MAP - show zone kill stats and draw connect-lines between kills/mine drops. Show Land Area details: Owner, Mobs, Density, Maturity, Events on that LA. Ability to SEARCH for particular Mob/maturity, Mineral (with drop history, and our own penned notes). etc (See further player suggestions).
Example link:
Fantasy RPG Google Eath Maps

2: a new detailed TRADE WINDOW with item COUNT, and SAME NAME item counting for non-stackables (eg In a single trade, 271 Panther Pets, 437 Atrox pets, both have a separate counter displayed as group counts. And a SCALABLE large spreadsheet style windows ability to SEARCH, COUNT, SORT, and FILTERS! And further Scam-Proofing it (ie bring back player avater FACES (without Helmets/Masks) etc etc (See further player suggestions).

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Sep 8, 2006
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They sold all CLDs and what they did they removed all Voting Terminals. MA dont want to give us any vote that we cant be a opposite. They do what they do and rip us as much they can that politic from them that we will never change.


Mar 11, 2013
There are certain things Mindark still needs to do. Promises were made, so promises have to be kept. Besides that, there is soo much stuff half working or currently broken, that it needs a fix.

CLD estate + political systems

from: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...ds/state-of-the-universe-address-2013.206983/

Back in 2013 you said: “ Once the design plans are finalized, actual development of the estate and political systems is scheduled to begin after the summer. We are very excited about the potential of the political system especially, and look forward to working together with the community to make it something truly amazing and unique in the computer game industry. “

There is currently no political system tied to CLD. You promised it. Implement it or abandon it and let us know.

From: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/.../first-phase-of-the-cld-estate-system.236126/
and https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forum/index.php?threads/cld-estate-plots.236747/

In 2015 you showed us pictures of the CLD estate system. One of the estates had two stories, one estate was extra wide in size. I would be nice to implement this.
Also you promised that CLD estates would get shop functionality in a future update.

From: https://www.planetcalypso.com/opportunities/land-plots/index.xml?#building

In 2015 you said: “ Village Development
As a Property Owner you are also a citizen of a village and the development of ‘village life’ will be the focus of future releases.”

Its been 6 years. This is from your own website, still active today. You promised. Implement it.


from: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forum/index.php?threads/harvesting-tool-update.236811/

yes we can collect wood. But its use is limited, please expand on it. Don’t leave this new profession out to rot.

Account liquidation and effects

Right now there are a lot of estates, like shops, appartments and landareas owned by Mindark Official Annex.

These are non-maintained estates and have severe effects on the economy. Why not do another account liquidation, you have done this in the past, where you free up these landareas shops and appartments and resell them to participating players?


If not possible, why not add some fertiliser to these landareas.. since officially you annexed these lands? This would make it easier for us to actually do the codex on these mobs. Fix it

Problems landing on Toulan

from: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forum/index.php?threads/problems-landing-on-planet-toulan.222915/

In 2014 you wrote: “Please note that to land on the new planet Toulan via space, you need to go north of the Toulan space station. This will trigger the Landing Confirmation window and you should arrive on the planet. If you fly to where the planet is located on the map you may get the "You cannot enter deep space" message, however if you follow the above instructions you should arrive as intended. “

It is still very hard to land on Toulan. Fix it


from: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...communication-and-development-roadmap.225501/

In 2014 you wrote: “Taming Stage 3 - (Planned for Early 2015 Release) Battle Arenas will be introduced which will allow tamed creatures to battle one another. Each battle will be unique, with a wide range of offensive and defensive pet buffs and upgrades along with customisable attack and defense profiles.”

Taming could use an update. You promised the abovementioned feature, time to implement? It’s only been 7 years.
Another thing that’s been on many players minds would be riding. If not possible to implement, why not create an NPC that turns a big pet into a vehicle? Then we have Pets to ride on.


from: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/forum/index.php?threads/whats-under-the-veil.230550/

In 2014 you teased the ferrari under the interceptors. Since then there were no new spaceships.
Time to implement one? It’s only been 7 years. Like a four person one, one pilot, one gunner, two repairers, good for transporting goods which brings me to:

From: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...ds/state-of-the-universe-address-2015.233605/ and https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...developer-notes-10-galactic-transport.230089/

In 2015 you said: “The first stage of the Galactic Transport system will likely be included in the Version Update currently planned for June, and will offer transport missions with rewards drawn from the Galactic Transport pool that is funded by auction transfer fees.

To create the potential for more exciting and rewarding PVP activity in space, there are plans to refine the balancing of spaceships and spaceship weaponry in order. Along with that rebalancing, additional PVE space content is planned for Q3/Q4 2015. “
It’s been 6 years. You “likely” promised it. Time to implement.

Rings transformation system

from: https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...ansformation-system-buff-stack-system.237137/

In 2015 you wrote:”A system in which a number of rings (and other items) can be combined and transformed into something else, for example one superior ring, is currently in development. The system is intended not just to provide a use for lesser rings; it will be an exciting new feature in its own right. “
You promised , its been 6 years, time to implement.
promise lots of stuff most of it never happens , I have learnt to ignore the promises and just wait to see what happens that way I don`t get dissapointed when promises are not full filled !?

in some cases it would be better to leave things alone , I remember one promise they made that they would never change the stats on weapons on tools , they broke that promise a few months after making it and many of us found our selfs with guns we was able to use but could no longer use due the skill requirement been made higher !?

they make promises they also break them , it is what they have been doing since the game started .