Mining excavator enhancers currently bugged


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Jun 10, 2013
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This first came up in a previous thread by Deppa after some conversation, and I wanted to start a new thread with a clearer warning to those who haven't seen it, and because it looks like Deepa's thread can't have the titled edited for some reason.

In short, if you add a mining speed excavator enhancer for any tier, it on paper adds 10% of the base efficiency, or the amount of stones an extractor pulls per use. This shows in the item stats menu when you pull it up as well. However, that does not increase the actual amount of stones pulled per use when you tally it up. In short, differences in base efficiency (confusing with hunting eff., I know) between extractors does show a difference, but the on paper differences with enhancers are no different than unenhanced. Here's my original testing reply I made after that initial discussion came up:

I was pretty surprised by this since when you change between excavators, higher "efficiency" means more stones per pull. However, I never bothered to test this just with enhancers because I assumed the in-game stats increasing meant the same. I went and did some formal testing, and it looks like these enhancers are bugged.

I'm on Cyrene right now, so I tested my tier 2 Improved Excavator for alternating claims (no enhancers or 2 enhancers) on Yellow Crystal. That's 15.2 eff. vs 18.2 as the stats are shown in-game. After 125 pulls each, I averaged 79.6 stones per pull with 2 enhancers, and 79.1 stones per pull with none (p =0 .76). That p-value from a t-test confirms that there is no significant difference between the two and that tiny bit of difference is just random variation rather than an actual treatment effect. I thought it might just be an effect that would show through on averages, but no dice. That excavator should have forced an effect since only two other excavators have higher eff.

So in short, the enhancers do not work as advertised at all even though the in-game window actually says efficiency is increased. I'm not one who goes out of the way criticize MA, but this one is extremely misleading. Thanks for Deepa2 bringing this up, because I sure wouldn't have thought to even double check this. I'm glad I didn't spend 6k in MU to go to tier 3 in my excavator, and I'm definitely not doing it in the near future.

Just for reference, an ME/01 has 6.8 eff. and averages around 34.9 stones per pull after about 50 pulls. Between that and the improved, it looks like for every 1 efficiency an excavator has, it will pull about 5.2 stones per pull. If the in-game window's listed stats with enhancers of 18.2 followed the same trend, my testing should have pulled around 93 stones per pull on average instead of 79.

This is mostly as a warning to those using mining excavator enhancers that they are currently a waste of PED (in terms of MU anyways since you get TT back in shrapnel). I also already submitted a bug report on this, so MA does know about it, but I'm also posting this in case some of our MA forum residents want to get up to speed on what's been found so far.

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Jul 21, 2013
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Thank you for saving me a bunch of peds for nothing tiering my excavator. Please let us know if MA gets back to you.