Mission Galactica Stage IV questions.


Oct 16, 2023
Hi everyone, I'm trying to start Mission Galactica Stage IV but I'm lost. Went to Calypso Space Station but couldn't find any Outcast Pirate. I also tried the Teleporter to travel back to Calypso but there were no destnation at all. Could someone enlighten me, please? Thanks.
If you stand on a station with your back to the exit portal, the pirate will be on the left upstairs (look for orange dot on radar in that direction).

To go down to Calypso you need to select Calypso from the dropdown menu at the top of teleporter screen, and then choose a teleporter on the surface. It will cost you 7 ped.
Use quad dont pay 7p fee for few min of flight
Yes, I agree, but as a n00b I'm curious and want to learn about everything. And I learned one important thing: I had my map minimized and therefore couldn't see the drop-down menu. I had to maximize the map for the correct button to appear :)
Just for your information: Stages 4, 5 , and 6 will cost a total of 4,700 peds TT value of materials needed to get the first chip reward(Adjusted Restoration). That doesn't count any markup to acquire the materials needed. You also need 120 HP to do Stage 6. If you are just interested in the Adj chip, it's easier and cheaper to just buy it. If you want the adventure and excitement of going all the way for the Mod chip, then go for it. Good luck and have fun. The materials needed to go all the way from Stage 1 to the Mod chip have a total TT value of 53600 ped. :)