MissWatson's Sweat Salary Event! Grand return!

Miss Watson

May 30, 2019
Hello guys!

Well it's been a few months! With exams and other IRL issues I'm finally happy to announce the Sweat Salary event for June! Not much has changed apart from some nice extra juicy loot being added into the event!

There will also be giveaways happening during the entire stream! Hourly!

Information of the land area:
OLA 40, LA OWNER: Leshrac HolyKnight Brevin!
Mob on the LA: Atrox Provider +

the last few events we ran was insane in terms of how these events went, they were hugely successful and we learned so much in how to make this event even better.

So the next event is happening in June! Specifically the last week. 29th June 18:30 Entropia time!
Registration for this event closes: 22nd June 2021
Spots are allocated randomly live on the stream: 26th or 27th June 2021

There are only 9 spots available in the event! But if you cannot make it this time do not threat! You can always put your name down again for the next event! But you can join my twitch when I go live to showcase the event! I also give away prizes to those watching every time I global! So you really don't want to miss out on this!

The team will consist of the following:
9 players selected at random
1 healer
Sarah Watson- Tagger

We encourage you to not wear armour so you spend as little as possible. We recommend you to bring about 50 peds of ammo max along with your chosen weapon. (rules apply)

1. Registration
We will regularly do supported hunts!
You must register prior to the hunt as there are limited spaces! You can register in many different ways! Either reply to this thread, Messaging 'Sarah SarahWatson Watson' in-game or message her in chat when I am live! (twitch.tv/misswatson221b)

Include in the message:
Your max level (I will need to scan you before the event starts)

I will be streaming the whole event!


2. Weapons!
For new/low-level players we assume that you have low-level guns etc. i.e Bukins and TT weapons that don’t do more than 10 DPS. You are more than welcome to bring your own gun along as there isn’t a specific weapon you need. Higher-level players (Level 30+) do have a DPS limit of 30.

Note! If there is an item drop. I will collect the item and split the TT cost. If the item is of high desirability (i.e ESI UL item etc) then once the item is sold, the profit is also split evenly. Participants and watchers are always more than welcome to ask how the selling is going of that said item when live.

3. Prizes!

Level below 30

Level Over 30
none1k sweat+ Fanoos Medical V1 (L)

1k sweat
Level below 30

Level Over 30
global under 150 ped1k sweat + Sollomate Rubio + 1 ped of ammo + Fanoos Medical V1 (L)

1k sweat
Level below 30

Level Over 30
global over 150 ped1k sweat + full TT Onyxo + 2 ped ammo + Fanoos Medical V1 (L)

1k sweat
Level below 30

Level over 30
global over 221 ped1k sweat + full tt Onyxo + 5 ped ammo + Fanoos Medical V1 (L)
+ one lucky winner Omegaton M2100A1 + 10 ped

1 MF Attack chip, random giveaway

Rewards for HOF's ( Over 221 PED) are still under discussion but will be added when an agreement has been made!

Please Note! sweat gatherer level does NOT count. So if you are over level 30 in Sweat Gatherer but under level 30 in all other professions, you will be classed as being under level 30.
Please Note! You must arrive before the allocated time so I can scan you to check your stats. Your stats must be public for me to see during the event.

And for the end, the best:
All 8-ball rules, such as qualification and 8-ball prizes, including jackpots and mining prizes, apply. To take part in those, however, the team has to qualify in order to participate and have to comply with other rules. The prizes will be divided equally amongst all players in the team if they hit the prizes during the hunt!

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask! I hope to see you there in the event or in the stream!

Here is the link to show who has contacted me and are interested in getting a spot! https://tinyurl.com/Watsonsgooglesheet
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