Mob Train Karma...What train goes around, comes around!


Nov 29, 2005
Alberta, Canada
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Coelacanth Coelacanth Maryka
Evening; Mar. 25, 2008

I haven't had a lot of time to hunt lately, but my last 3 or 4 nights of hunting were extremely bad. So I decide to whack some Trax on the pink beach east of Echidna, which is the same place where I looted my 2 best loots and my PATH (Personal ATH) of 787 PEDs. Hoping to draw upon ancient history or something in a desperate attempt to HOF again. (Those loots were maybe from 4 years ago. Ugh. :( )

I hunt my way there from Echidna, nothing good happens. I stop off at the outpost west of the beach to top off my armor & pick up my usual 450 PEDs of ammo, then head east-northeast. After a few minutes, I'm starting to pick off the Maffs and Trax. After several minutes, I see another green dot appear halfway out in the radar and hear the tell-tale teleport sound. I continue shooting all the atrax & maffs in my area.

I glance at the radar screen and see the green dot approaching. No big deal, I'm anticipating the usual exchange of pleasantries when something interesting happens. It seems my new friend has spent some time to gather a sizable swarm of Ignis and is making a bee-line (pardon the pun, haha!) straight for me. I finish off the two mobs I'm working on and turn to prepare for the swarm. Ignis are no big deal, auto-aim with the MK2/Opalo combination and sometimes, the loot is better than expected.

I make a few jokes about never leaving home without the mosquito repellent, expecting some kind of response, but nothing. The guy runs right past me without saying a word, and practically the entire cloud of Ignis fixates on me instead of him. I see that he's holding mining equipment. After I finish killing off all the Ignis, I'm feeling kind of pissed off. I was deliberately mob-trained! It would've been funny if the guy at least responded to my jokes or at least said "Hi", but it seems he did this just to piss me off; I mean, he headed straight for me after gathering up the cloud. :mad:

Anyway, after I exterminate the pestilence, I begin hunting in the general direction that this putz was headed. I'm not really expecting to meet him again, and I'm not really focused on finding him (as I'm hunting the Trax 'n' Maffs), but whatever, I'm moving in that direction just the same.

Well whaddya know...10 minutes later, I see a green dot on radar, and the screen rumbles a bit as a distant bomb explodes. Oh yeah, baby...can you say "Karma"? I quickly gather up a group of about 5 or 6 Maffs & Trax and make my own bee-line straight for Mr. Putz. I look at radar after I've closed half the distance between our dots, and see that he's now high-tailing it in the opposite direction from me. The chase ensues, and evidently I run quite a bit faster than Mr. Putz. Now I can see him running NW, just past the hills and onto the beach. I spot another small crowd of red dots so I swerve to gather them up, too.

I see that Mr. Putz himself also has a few mobs nipping at his heels, but now it's time to turn up the juice and see what shakes loose. Now he's about 100 yards away and some of the big Trax behind me suddenly dart past me to home in on their new homeboy.

As I close the distance to about 50 yards, Mr. Putz has stopped trying to outmanoevre his new pals, and is running straight ahead, desperately fapping. He says something about "You must be stronger than me", well probably the full Nemesis is helping...I make a few wisecracks about hoping his bugspray works on bigger stuff, and about karma, and 'what goes around, comes around', and to his credit, he seems to accept his fate, judging by his comments. He says, "Water is the solution" and I see he's headed straight for the drink.

To be fair, he puts in an admirable effort! We both reach the water at the same time, and he's swimming for dear life while I mutter to myself, "Dammit, looks like he's gonna make it!" I turn to shoot some of the mobs who have trained on me, and after killing a few, I notice the green dot has turned into a white dot. LMAO, I guess Mr. Putz didn't make it, after all! However, I'm in my own predicament now, I have at least 8 or 10 mobs in my face, and I'm backpedalling trying to aim at only one, but they keep body-checking each other around. Suddenly, they all die, and I realize I've backpedalled deeper into the water and now, I find myself surrounded by a large, watery mass grave. Too bad for my mob-training friend, I guess he chose the wrong spot to dive into the sea. :laugh:

Anyway, on to my hunting. I hunt the Trax 'n' Maffs for another hour or so, but loots are really bad. Make a few random TP hops west and north, but the big Exos and Armaxes aren't giving me any luv, either. I make another TP hop North, deciding to make my way back to Echidna and call it a night.

That's when I encounter the biggest, most massive spawn of Feffs and Berys that I've ever seen, even in this area, where spawns can get quite large. I'm just to the east of the toxic zone and SE of Echidna, I've never seen this many dots in such a thick concentration! What happens next is a 2-hour slaughterfest that's impressive even by my own standards.

The spawn is so clustered, wide-ranging, and thick that I literally kill the mobs one after the other, with barely a moment's pause in between killings. I draw them in, one to three at a time, doing a pretty good job of limiting my armor damage, within reason anyway. My Nemesis suit isn't the best protection against the Feffs' cold attacks, so getting a little too foolhardy could bring a swift end to my hunting session.

Usually I clear out a spawn like this in 30 minutes to an hour, but everywhere I turn, there's more and more red's a smorgasbord of slaughter! For 2 solid hours, I've been killing non-stop, before the spawn thins out, it's almost 3 AM, and time to go to bed because I gotta work in the morning. No matter what, I couldn't make those $%($*&% motherfeffers HOF for me! :mad:

I do some estimates: I kill each mob in between 5 to 7 seconds, so I take an average of 6 seconds. So that's about 10 mobs killed per minute; 600 or so mobs per hour. So I figure I've just killed between 1200 and 1300 mobs in this 2-hour span. So what's the amazing thing in all this?

This slaughter gets me only ONE SINGLE GLOBAL, a 60-ish PED Korss H400. In my previous 2 hours hunting, I got 2 other crap globals, a 50-ish PED with only oils, and I think a 70-ish PED with the only item being a nearly broken FAP-5 with barely a hair of red left. Other than the Korss, the only other items looted tonight after maybe 600-650 PED of ammo are a 3.50 PED Goblin shin and a nearly-broken Shogun thigh. Ouch.

Well, at least the putz who tried to mob-train me with mosquitoes, and getting killed just within arm's length of safety, gave me my laugh for the night! :laugh:


Jan 6, 2008
Paris, France
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Apsara Sofia Rozenkreutz
Lol... anyway, if I'd be hunting and see an overly dense spawn of mobs, I'd TP away or run into them naked to die away, considering that removing armor (if you had it in the first place) or using the TP chip will save much more on decay than 15 mobs slowly munching ya at teh same time. :silly2:

Anyway, if the loot is bad I quit the hunt, though I still lose on it overall, I lose less that wayyy :D


Apr 29, 2005
Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK
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Oracle Kev FountofWisdom
A great read, I enjoyed that and gratz for revenge! :)