Most grinding quest in game?

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Apr 23, 2016
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hi guys, is there any quests similar to the current turrelion quest in game? ( the one for the bodysuit ) as im looking for a nice place to grind for a while whilest working towards something.
i want to burn alot of TT off my item & i dont want to endlessly shoot mobs for no purpose. tia
Probably not the biggest grind, but you could do the horns of Z’agol mission on monria. Depending on your luck with looting the pages, it can take a very long time.
The NWO prison chain is quite long if you include the missions after you escape too (where you can obtain the anti-dote to enter the bio dome for vampire pet)
If you mean just long in time but limited in spending, the Oratan Payback mission chain on Arkadia. Just 100 mobs a day, but for a very long time. Starting at puny level up to the highest, you go through all maturities and all varieties of Oratans. You rise through military ranks with every stage and can claim a new uniform at every turn. After about a year you get your Dropship, a pretty cool vehicle that's unlimited but not tradable. Then you can continue through the ranks. There probably were further plans for it which couldn't be realized before the developer's upheaval happened but chances are they'll do something with it still as there is popular demand.
I think that the mission chain on Cyrene that starts with the ultimate noob quest and then continues into several stages of test of faith has the largest amount of mob kills required. But that's just kills, not turnover.
Rocktropia "The color of envy" is a 396.000 Kills quest (puny) that is rather long imho
actually is highest quest for "raw number of kills" in the game
Cyrene "ultimate noob / test of faith full chain" is 215.000 kills

rocktropia "atrox muscle park quest" is 65.000 ped
Cyrene "bodysuit of courier" is 73.000 kills or average 220 HP so it is about 60.000 ped too

Monria horn of zagol chain is variable but requires about 90k ped cycle (at least for me

CP "open the cave" requires 5000 kills or 20k ped or so

Moloch cave opening quest is rather long, i think about 10k kills

these are puny to level 30ish monsters max
Cyrene "Test of Faith" is not usually pursued separately, since every kill on the planet counts you usually just do it along other missions or markup hunting or whatever. There is one stage in Zorra's Epic where you need to kill 11000 Merfolken without a counter, where having Test of Faith open by the side is quite useful.
ah yeah... "summon the gladiator"... it is a nice grind i got 2 lesser crystal on the merfolken shore too.
yes, SAN, there are also zorra and Epic and Neff questlines

the 2500 Rhino taming quest for the new pet will put your Boiga at a test :)
and on cyrene there are 2 hours daily routine that are also good for arc badges....

there is much to grind... and if you finish it... well can grind meta points....
Perfected gorgon, mayhem weapon, mod angel/shadow on migration?