Mourner's Mark and Combibo Courtyard OLA #30 (290, 512) SE of Shinook


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Feb 16, 2005
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Linus Zip Lindström
New mob on the LA!

This landarea now has Combibo set to Stalkers and Berycled set to Stalkers!

I have updated and searched for a new mob to get the spawn up on this LA.
The density has been to low with only having one Combibo DNA. And have tested out alot with getting another Combibo but no success at all with that. Seems to be a non player made DNA.

The Combibo Stalkers are a nice mob. And getting the Mourner up to Stalkers would have damaged to much. They do 100% impact and would do a bit to much damage compared to the Combibos.

So i added one Berycled DNA set to Stalkers to the landarea.
Both mobs have around the same damage output and health. And the density of mobs are more friendly to hunt on :)

Berycled also are a good fit on the event i got going on my areas. They give out nice globals and can Jackpot from time to time.