I seemed to have noticed a damage min / max correlation to stats among the Mayhem mulmans. It's quite 'lazy' but I think it was intentional as this event was just there one year and probably hastily put together.

(Psy x Int)Str = Max damage potential, it seems to be very close.

Max Damage Potential - (Agi + Int)2Psy = Min. Damage potential

Some math nerds and enthusiasts could do a deep dive if they wanted and see if this seems to be related or not. But the Sta x 10 = Hp relation is what made me start looking at this.

Their damage is indeed 100% impact, but the min / max damage doesn't seem to have a lot of variance to it.

If we use this mulman calculation on an 06 > (2 x 6)12 = 144 MDP and 144 - (10 + 6)4 or 144 - 64 = 80 Min Dmg

Wearing crit damage reduction rings of 20% - They crit me for 106 which is 80% of about 132 which is pretty close to max damage p calc.

They do also crit me for 92 as well, so I dunno if that's a minimum crit hit or what.

I can tell you in ghost and no plates they hit between 60 and 90 as I did for a test, and sparticus with 5b normal they hit between 40 and 70. That seems to hold true to the 80 - 144 damage range, but also means that they rarely hit me for max damage as I am higher level evade and have avoidance.

Wearing no armor didn't seem to increase their 60-90 range a whole lot, although there were a couple 100+ hits, so guessing armor doesn't do a whole lot of help unless you get into the 80-100+ point with impact plates and armor/enhancers, or just have higher HP/evade and can just take a little beating like I do.

I would imagine the armor route only makes sense if you are fighting the 10s, and then at that point, just do the elites as they probably have a better loot potential for what you are spending.

Figured I would add in my two cents here from what I have observed and tested a little.