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Jan 15, 2015
Naval Station Triton
The Society
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Louise Ranavolana Brooks
My story features actual players - and I did obtain their consent (sort of)

Slack - he is a musician, and his name refers to the style of his playing. He is nothing like I have portrayed him - the opposite if anything he is a really nice person.

Father Jack - he is not a practitioner of what the Victorians called "secret vice" . He has a wife and family for God’s sake. He just dared me to include some things in my story, so it was only fair he starred in them He reckons he is always drunk - but I doubt that, he plays at too high a level to be drunk.

Mega Volt is the leader of Kaos society. He is an excellent and caring leader & new players would benefit greatly from joining & getting his help & advice - always freely given.

I really wanted to portray him as a Colonel Wilhelm Klink in my tale - but it did not work out.

Nor am I a obsessive bimbo slowly descending into madness. Its a work of fiction after all

Originally posted in Arkadia Forums for a competition - I enjoyed writing this but felt later I could have done things better, here is my attempt :)