My Impression of the New Battle-Simulator


Feb 25, 2005
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Aio Dakina
Interesting. The 50% Pills on the web shop are about 4 PED each via the reload pack, iirc.

So 5 runs of the BSim, assuming ~90% return = 2 PED loss for one 100% Skill Boost (theoretical 8 PED value).

Again, I've got no idea what the average returns are, but I should hope they round out at around 90% assuming you aren't completely horrible at it.
Without multipliers it is exactly 75% return.


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Apr 30, 2005
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Vagrant Arangar Melanwil
I have now done about 20 runs in the BS, and here are my (+/-)

+ General: As a game within the game I like it a lot, it has potential and same type of setup could potentially be expanded to other "scenarios" or game types eventually.. but for now lets focus on perfecting this one ok?

+ I feel you have managed quite well to find a good difficulty setting and indeed requires true gaming skill.
+ The return and the reward for completing is decent.

- Again, you have 3 weapons but you only need to use one..tried to other weapons but never found the use.
- DC does not refund your entry fee.
- Hit boxes needs fixing, you can shoot straight to the face at point blank and the rocket pass through the target.
- It is extremely difficult to see if the "mob" is dead.
- In the last last boss the smaller warlock very easily gets stuck in the door.
- Sound direction is not very precise , I think this is supported in the engine right?
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Nov 17, 2014
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Jo Aloisius Smith
obviously you don't know how state systems work in game programming. States let you swap out parts of code in the main loop depending on circumstances ocuuring in the game. Making it vary easy to change how core mechanics work in an instance without touching the regular game.

Though, considering how often unrelated bugs pop up when they try to fix something, my guess is the game is just built on spagetti string code and deosn't use standard coding practices like state machines.

In regards to the original post I agree with everything said. Hell I saw that stuff as a problem and asked them to fix it when they first announced the battlesim.
I can state with absolute spaghetti jambon is right and aio sure knows a lot to be just a player