Buying: MysterSnow's buying list

Aug 31, 2020
Hi all,

Here is my list with current items for buy:

You can contact me in game anytime at my nickname: MysterSnow and I'm mostly at Boreas tp

★ AUDs ★
Buy 70 x AUDs for 72p each

★ Rings ★
Ares Ring, Modified
Ares Ring, Improved
Ares Ring (L)

Athenic Ring, Adjusted
Athenic Ring, Augmented
Athenic Ring (L)
Athenic Ring, Improved

and many more...

★ Armours ★
RX OpTac x2 Foot Guard (M) TT + 2500
Full Set Full TT Mah'ketta Harness (M)

★ Sweat ★
I buy Sweat in any quantity all the time @ 1.05Ped/k so let me know when you have it for sale.

Thank you.
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