Selling: Nana's Selling Thread (Weapons, Armour, Faps, Pets + More!)


Apr 12, 2021
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Nanashana Nana Itsanai
I'm looking to considerably downsize, I think, and am motivated to sell, so feel free to send me an offer. I will only consider item trades in very specific circumstances - looking for PEDs mainly. I will consolidate any of my other selling threads here and keep this one updated over time.
  • Shadow Arm Guards, Modified (F) t1.99 B/O +15k
  • Shadow (F) set t2.99, chest t3.99 B/O +53k
  • Arsonistic Chip, TWEN Edition B/O ON HOLD - Open To Offers
  • Augmented Gorgon (F) Set t4.99 B/O +72k
  • Keyworks Unity, TWEN Edition t8.xx B/O ON HOLD - Open To Offers
  • Thunderbird (F) set t5.xx B/O +20k
  • Incision Pefected Set B/O +54k
  • Serpent Scales Modified Set B/O +26k
  • Mayhem Trauma 5 Amplifier B/O ON HOLD - Open To Offers
  • Mod Excavator t2.99 B/O +6,5k
  • Summer 2020 + Xmas 2020 Combo B/O +60k
  • NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier Mk. 3, TWEN Edition B/O +22k
  • Implant Modified B/O +5k
  • Mayhem Hedoc, Perfected T0 B/O +72k
  • Epic Jellyworm Pet (Level is increasing) ON HOLD - Open To Offers
  • Yog Horror with Excavation unlocked B/O Offer
  • Tezlapod with Electrotherepy Unlocked (lv59 last time I checked) B/O offer
  • Robot Easter Bunny Pet B/O +1,2k
  • Set of Damage Enhancer Blueprints with the following QR's, selling as a bulk lot instead of individually B/O +10k:
Weapon Damage Enhancer 1 Blueprint0.90
Weapon Damage Enhancer 2 Blueprint0.87
Weapon Damage Enhancer 3 Blueprint0.87
Weapon Damage Enhancer 4 Blueprint0.74
Weapon Damage Enhancer 6 Blueprint0.73
Weapon Damage Enhancer 5 Blueprint0.72
Weapon Damage Enhancer 7 Blueprint0.69
Weapon Damage Enhancer 8 Blueprint0.62
Weapon Damage Enhancer 9 Blueprint0.21

I also have a ton of other things like 5mg pills, L-amps, B-amps in bulk that I can sell, let me know what you need. Also a ton of Armatrix, AP-plate and other (L) BPs so reach out if there's anything you'd like there also!
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Bump - getting some interesting offers coming through, a lot of item trades though ped will always take priority (even at a discount).

Again feel free to reach out and see if you can make a deal!
Incision perfected set sold
Bump - The TWEN mk.3 amp sold and the TWEN Arso chip is on hold for a buyer.
Bump, adjusted some prices, updated coins->pet, changed aug hedoc to perfected.

Some gear is currently on hold pending farming new content, but still might sell if the right offer comes along so shoot over a message.

I could be tempted with a LP-120 Perfected pull against some of my items also!