New Player? Lower income player? [UAF] Society looking for new members!


Mar 8, 2016
Entropians United
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Ana Anastasia Vela
Hello, UAF (United Armed Forces) Is an older society formed in 2009.We are looking for new people to join, and bring in some fun .There will be plenty of room to grow and advance here.

This society is mostly ideal to new players, and players that are small time depo. (Anyone who depos $0-$100 USD per month) We work together in team hunts, Sweating, and swunting groups. Also help in discovering all of the TP's you can get. We even head off to other planets, for fun and exploration. ( I am a former resident of Arkadia, but moved to Calypso a long time ago)

We have our website/forums up, and have active groups and events forming there.

Our main goal, is to help each other with advice, and to build a community of like minded people, where we can chat, and discuss all things Entropia and chit chat about other things to break up the monotony of some of the more boring (while still useful) activities, such as sweating,fruit/dung walking, and oil rig line waiting.

If you are interested,you can visit us at: feel free to reply to this forum post, or send me a PM here. Or you can apply via a society terminal in game. ( Just search for United Armed Forces)
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Got some new members. still lookin for more :D
Hey there. I just joined the game yesterday.

Currently looking to go:

Sweating> Sweating/Hunting > Hunting > Hunting / Playing The Market

If I joined your group could I expect any help in turning my sweat into ammo?

Would you have any experienced hunters who could discuss with me the least expensive path to turning hunting profitable?

Do you have Teamspeak or another form of voice communication?

When I reach my final goal do you have other players who play the market (buy low, sell high) that I could talk to about it and coordinate with?

Thanks for your time and consideration.
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Joining the Soc

I would like to join your Society if you are still recruiting.
I'm a low income player, deposit little amounts from time to time.
Let me know when you read this ;)
Hey, so [UAF] Is once again recruiting new members. Check out our website if interested:

Here is a video of a team hunt we had with global. (Skip to 11:15 for global)