FYI: New soc - Bukin's Rules: hunting big with small weapons


Oct 2, 2008
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Bukin's Rules is a society for all who like to hunt big and as much as possible while depositing as little as possible.

It's named after the mighty Bukin, who gave us weapons to hunt cheap and eco. We will use them wisely and follow Bukin's Rules:

1. We'll never refuse a team hunt if we don't plan to go offline soon.
2. We share non-stackable loot equally.
3. We'll hunt what the majority wants most.
4. We may leave a team hunt and wait for a mob switch if loot is horrible.
5. We may hunt solo if we have a good reason for it.
6. We will deposit sometimes in order to be able to hunt with each other.
7. We help each other, but won't beg for PED or items.
8. Keep it real, like Bukin.

Important requirements:
1. Weapon: only UL SIB weapons with a maximum damage of 10 per second! For example, Bukin's rifle or knife.
2. Armor: Pixie or equivalent.
3. Healing: your own healing device.
4. Transport: your own vehicle or teleportation chip

If you like the concept, PM me or check out Bukin's Rules in the soc terminal and apply :beerchug:
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