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Mar 18, 2006
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Savannah Vixen Marie
Welcome Back,

There hasn’t been much going on to blog about… James is still here and that in itself is a bonus! We paid the extra $60 for him to rebook his flight with Air Canada and stay 2 more weeks. As much time as we’ve spent apart, I’ll take whatever time I can get.

We finally have the money set aside to start the Immigration paperwork process, and I’ve been doing a bit of research before filling it all in. Along with waiting to hear back from certain family members about getting their address, as that is one of the questions I have to answer.

I also have to send my passport out and have my last name changed before we can send in that paperwork… But once it’s all ready to go, and with a little luck.. I hope to be making the big move to Canada within the next 3-4 months…

As far as my job is concerned… well the owners thought it was best to extend our hours trying to convince us that we’ll make more money… as opposed to having many employees standing around doing nothing for the last 2-3 hours… as the business really isn’t there to bother staying open that late… That and most other places we do business with aren’t open after 5pm.

In all honesty I think it’s just a waste of time… But the owners have the mind set that since we ARE the only Dealership left standing, the customers have no where else to go…. They forget that we have a dozen smaller repair shops plus and Expert Tire and a Brake King to compete with… Nevermind the fact that they have a price of $50-$80 an hour for labor and let’s just say that ours exceeds that.

We all know that the economy is down and most of us are pinching pennies where we can. Our pricing on parts and labor (per the owners) has gotten so far out of hand, that we are literally scaring our customers out of the door and making them go elsewhere. That to me is not good business.

Sure, I use discretion when pricing out parts for our retail customers. I understand times are tough, and customers want to fix their cars without paying an arm and a leg and in some cases their first born… I’ll admit to cutting people a break here and there… hoping that they remember the favor and come back.

Honestly, if you saw what Chrysler’s suggested LIST price is VS. what we are being told to sell the same part at, Your jaw would hit the floor.

As you can figure, I’m not a fan of the NEW extended hours… My schedule was just fine the way it was… But since the economy is the way it is and unemployment is at an all time high, The owners are happy to remind us that if we don’t like it, there’s the door… Oh and they have a stack of applications and they could find someone who’d be happy to replace us. That really brings up the morale in the workplace… In essence it gives them the upper hand to screw with our pay, take advantage that most of us are paid off of a 40/hour week salary and making us work 45-50 hours/week without having to pay us over time… Should we refuse to work those long hours, we know where the door is.

I guess that’s the name of the game though… Make as much as you can while paying out as little as possible… Seems having a good reputation, customer satisfaction, putting the customer first went out the door….Or maybe I just lack the “business sense” and I don’t let greed run my life.
Well enough about that…

I try to do 1 good deed each day, with that said… On Friday I saw that one of the local hospitals was doing a Blood Drive. I saw the sign out front of the Walmart Parking lot next door and thought that would be great to participate in. I did a little reading up, and made sure I was fully hydrated before the big day.

Having type O+ that makes me a universal donor and the fact that I don’t smoke, use drugs, take medication, or have and diseases makes me a great donor. This was not my first time donating blood… but it was the first time I reacted badly.

The first time I donated was about 5 years ago, my employer was having the yearly blood drive and I just made the weight limit by a few pounds… I went over with 2 other co workers and went through the procedure just fine… until my bag was full and the nurse wanted 1 last vile for testing… well that was 1 vile too much…

I should give you a better visual and mention that I’m all of 5′1 (61 inches) and back then all of 118 pounds…. Not that a lot has changed since, still the same height and now I’m all of 122 pounds… but anyway… After that last vile I could feel myself feeling not so fabulous, I lost all color and felt light headed… after 10-15 minutes and a glass of apple juice later I felt fine… I passed it off as maybe losing a pint of blood was a bit too much… But that didn’t stop me from trying again.

Last year there was a blood drive at the Walmart parking lot… I was eager to try again, going through the screening process… things were looking good… The nurse tried the left arm, missed the vein, tried again… things weren’t flowing as well as they liked, so they thought to try the right arm… no such luck… Mission aborted… I still got to take the “Thank You” package and walked away with 2 nice bruises… typical for me as taking blood from me has always been hard… so it seems.

My third attempt… again all looks great, I’m fully hydrated ready to go… I warned the nurse about my lat 2 attempts and the fact that other nurses have missed on the first attempt… So she was prepared… I assumed the position in the comfy reclining chair… she looks at my right arm and cleans the area, tells me she knows right where she’s going and I wished her good luck :p She sticks the needle in, this time it hurt more than the last few times… but she got the vein on the first try… but my blood doesn’t want to flow at a steady pace… it was coming out, but more at a drip drip drip and not a steady flow… so after a few minutes I start to feel really light headed and my loss of color was a big concern… Mission aborted…

Bummer… After talking with the nurses and telling them about my last few experiences I was advised NOT to donate… My intentions were good, but my body is not willing…

It took me a good 45 minutes before I started to feel better… I was on the verge of passing out, but I kept my eyes open and never lost conscienceness… My blood pressure was being taken every 5 minutes.. and during the first few attempts it wouldn’t register on the monitor, my pulse was very faint and I even got sick…. makes for a great visual I know :p

One nurse thought my reaction was due to not being mentally ready…. I’m not really sure what she meant… I can say that the sight of a needle or blood doesn’t bother at all, I was as ready as I could have been… I think it’s a matter of my body not being able to handle the loss of blood in that manner… a bit too much too quick…

Sure my first attempt was good, but now that I’m thinking about it… the other 2 coworkers were done before I was…. maybe the other place let me drip drip drip while the last attempt tried to take it as fast as they could…

I don’t know, I’m not the doctor here…Just trying to piece things together…

But in anycase, I was really feeling disappointed that I couldn’t help. I will take the nurse’s advice and not willingly donate….

But that doesn’t mean I won’t give up a pint for a friend or family member in need… if they need it more than I do, I’ll suck up the side effect, knowing I’ll feel better in 45 minutes.

Well, this concludes my blog entry for today…