Selling: [Omegaton Igni L1000] UL T6.13 150/200

la aurora

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Mar 28, 2006
Moscow, Russia
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Alice Aurora Stranger
A very flexible gun that can handle a wide range of mobs: from lvl <10 unamped to 50+ spiders and mulmun elites when fully loaded up.
Not sure how much you can save on MU but having access to such mobs means ultra fast skilling and some nice MU in loot. Looted multiple Shadow (L) parts, esi's etc personally.
148 ped TT lasts for 2K+ ped ammo on full blast mode. It's a huge convenience. Not having to constantly shop around for decently priced guns with alright tier rates is an even bigger one.
Flew through prof standings and codex missions with this one and tbh going to miss this gun a lot. In a lot of ways I loved it more than Adj. 41 that replaced it.

Current TT: 23.27
Starting bid: +3200
Buyout: +3500

PM here on in-game: Alice Aurora Stranger

EntropiaWiki link

Bare gun:


Affordable UL combo with A104:


Fully loaded (20B is the biggest it can utilize):

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