Ongoing Webshop Deposit Issues


Feb 10, 2021
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Yog Synial Sothoth
Making a new thread as it feels a bit off to keep posting in a different thread about a different issue that has been resolved.

I've done some research on the issue and it appears that Web Shop issues have been going on for a long time (Easily confirmed dating back to 2019 just looking at the first page of the Deposit section of the forum). Many users have reported the same copy/paste responses from support that claims that "they are investigating" and "we have no eta". It looks like a reason for this issue has never been given - it just keeps reoccurring and occasionally an official will make a post saying that the issue has been solved.. until it reoccurs again shortly thereafter.

This is actually the first time I've seen an issue like this last for more than a matter of hours, let alone days... I'm personally on day 9 of not being able to deposit and waited a week to see if support was able to help me before making my first post on the forum. I don't have much interest in playing if I can't freely spend money so I am making this post in effort to make that possible 👍

This is a wall of text but conclusions are based on information found within the user agreement provided by the payment processor used by Entropia (NETS).

The precursory details/my situation specifically:

1. I am unable to make purchases on the Web Shop with the same card I was able to make purchases on six different occasions over the course of about a week leading up to the issue (6 purchases, over 10 days, totaling $1200. My monthly limit was raised to $5,000 after having issues with the $3000. I've been playing intermittently for a few months since COVID started. Reasons why I've taken a few breaks now? BILLING ISSUES!

2. I am able to make a purchase with another card provided by a family member. I'm not going to write them checks/give them cash and deal with potential issues that arise from that every time I want to buy something. "Hey, is your card good for a 2k swipe real quick?" Issues would arise. Don't ask.

3. I have contacted my bank associated with the card that has been unable to make purchases on the Web Shop (which issues the debit card) and MasterCard (brand of payment card).

4. I have been informed that my card is not the issue and the payment is being stopped by the processing center with the error: "The processing server is down".

5. When inquiring about why one card was able to get through and the other wasn't; I was given the following lead causes:
  • The processing server has an upper limit to the amount of transactions that can be processed pertaining to a card/account during a given timeframe - rather it be the quantity of transactions, or size of the transaction, or both.
  • Misconfiguration of payment gateway
  • The transaction was blocked by the merchant account.

Early on during my contact with support I asked if I needed to contact NETS about being whitelisted or perhaps preapproved to make the kind of transactions I was wanting to make. Support told me "There is no approved list that we know of, but Nets has confirmed that there has been more failed transactions than normal these past few days. The issue has not yet been resolved for everyone."

I will quote section 2.7 of the NETS terms and conditions provided to merchants
2.7. Limits 2.7.1. Nets may set limits on the value of individual transactions that are authorised, or that limits Nets’ obligation to purchase Transactions that exceed certain amounts during a particular period of time, in order to prevent fraud. These amounts are discretionally determined by Nets and are not notified to the Merchant.

Reference this with what I typed in the precursory details (#5) about why transactions would be declined in these circumstances, and as I expected, there are such issues and Mindark/Support would not even be notified. Many payment processors manually whitelist customers that are anomalous spenders. I've experienced this in other games based in South Korea, Japan, and Europe.

It is more than likely whenever a participant's Web Shop issues are miraculously fixed it means that enough time has passed that NETS has confirmed that the transaction is not fraudulent. Players and support likely just write this off as a one-off incident and assume it is fixed.

As time goes on and more purchases are made - reoccurrence of Web Shop issues would decrease. This is a very problematic and antiquated system when dealing with any new players that would be wanting to spend a sizable sum or alternatively any person who had been making bank transfers for years but then decides to start spending money on the Web Shop instead...

Perusing the rest of the terms & conditions shows other areas which leads to possible complications with foreign transactions, i.e.

6.4. Nets may require the Merchant to implement such measures as may be needed to reduce the number of fraudulent transactions, disputes, Chargebacks or credit transactions, etc., for instance by upgrading or replacing payment terminals, implementing a fraud monitoring system approved by Nets, or by implementing manual monitoring of transactions. The Merchant must act in accordance with Nets’ instructions to limit fraud within the time limit specified.

If you look back to precursory details (#5) about why transactions would be declined in these circumstances: one of the reasons for these issues is a misconfiguration of your payment gateway and subsequently the fraud monitoring system being used within.

Part of support's copy/paste response includes the possible need to activate security features on your card - payment gateway settings not familiar with security algorithms used by various foreign banks/debit cards could be an issue. Trying to prompt a card that is flagged as potentially fraudulent may not be able to provide the information requested to allow the processing server to process the transaction!

From the NETS checkout site it can be seen that they do use
Trigger authentication. Where SCA is required, a 3D Secure process will be used to authenticate the customer. This authentication can be completed through a number of methods, such as a one-time password or a Mobile authentication App. This process varies depending on the methods supported by the customer’s bank.

I could go on but these are the main points.

From what I've seen myself and others are having to use way too much time and effort to spend money. We like the game and want to spend money. Why must we put in so much effort to do so? :scratch:

Please help :yay:


Apr 2, 2016
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John SonicHero1 Wick
Hey mate, i deposit everytime under Google Chrome.

since few days its broken and i was searching why. At the end, was possible to buy stuff at the Webshop with Firefox Browser.
Try it with Firefox, maybe it will work for you too and the antother guys.

best regards


Apr 15, 2013
Guess Who??
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Norian Norian Xx
FYI - visa for boxes/webshop from USA is broken, but visa for ped works. Weird

Lizzy Storm

May 2, 2013
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Lizzy Demon Storm
Not solved for me, I still have the issue of being unable to make a purchase in the webshop.