Petition: Free Bound items!

Marco Monte Montecalvo
Sanne Euphoria Larsen
Love this girl :):D:cool:

dobrin dobrinocb kushkiev
Agree with this.
Mighty T 2mas Kottonmouth
Warvar Mortal Wild.
free peds
Gaina Messi91 Cristi
What the hay!

Mark Rufen Power

Viva La Revolution!
True TJ Juan

At least let us transform that crap (pills & L rings) into UNI ammo

Mantus Crosskeeper Wolfenmond
Sandal San Tolk

Teiwaz Storm Ing

(not that I believe it will affect anything)
Syr Avalon Rychmon
Tonny TcooL Svan
<removed deleted response>

This thread is for who want to subscribe the petition if u don't agree keep out of it, regards.
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power to the community!

Killahbee Killer Bee Killahbee
Save the Kerbies!!!

And free our peds!!!

Bare BareBones Bones
Might be helpful to clarify to "those items bought from Storage Boxes"

Post probably be deleted though.
Rusty snizle shackleford

Rusty snizle shackleford
Yes why depo , to get you depo frozen.

Silas Nikopol Diegaeth
Inguts Sokolade Spurz

Not just strongbox items but all "bound items" to be at least tt-able or make them 0pec value and or discardable. *remove if inaproriate*
Livius Beyond Godlike
Captain Jack Daniels

Maybe add a list of "these people signed" to the OP?
+1 Rep

Give me value to the stuff I paid to get please. Its not RCE if the RC losses all value and cant be added to the economy :laugh:

Kull Kullxp Holland
Hopefully one of the many active community managers @ Mindark will read this :rolleyes:

Zelos Playboy Fargen