Petition to in game vote transition/idea.


Apr 21, 2007
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Maria Mesh
Sometimes, various petitions show up on forums here and in other community forums. With the upcoming in game voting system, it'd be nice if devs would pay attention to these sort of things and put these sort of issues on the in game voting booth questions that will help determine the future of the game... It would also be nice if there was an option in the support ticket system to send in questions of this type to the devs so that devs could look at them and add them to polls if the questions is deemed by the support team/dev team to be important enough to put in the in game voting system... of course, not every question submitted should go in, but thinking towards the future of the virtual universe, opening the system up in ways to allow participants to put in petition requests so that the dev team knows what issues are important to the participants would be a nice little feature/customer focus type of thing that could use a lot of improvement, and hopefully the upcoming voting system can play some sort of role in that.

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