FYI: Playing EU on a Laptop, performance issues? This easy fix might help you!


Nov 22, 2009
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Hi ya,

I've been running Entropia on my laptop that I purchased one year ago. A cheap laptop.

I've been using lowest settings with one or two options on medium and still had low frames per second while playing.

Today I decided to dig deeper into this because it didn't make any sense.

I have two graphic cards on my laptop, one integrated on the motherboard and one separate, a cheap Nvidia Geforce 940M.

This is what I did:

First step I went into my graphic cards settings as image below shows:

Secondly, I switched "Preferred graphics processor" from "Auto-Select" to "High Performance NVIDIA Processor"

I restarted EU and noticed a huge different in performance.

Now I run all settings on Medium with some on high, and I am having better performance than I have had in over a year!

Makes me nuts thinking I have been using the wrong graphic processor since I purchased this laptop!