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Sep 30, 2012
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Plots gain 2 exp per plant grown on the plot.

A small plot required only 100 experience to level up, or 50 plants grown.
A medium plot requires 400 experience points.
A small+ likely then requires 200 points.

The purpose of leveling up plots is not yet known.

Each 2 exp currently costs 35 PED. So the cost to level up plots is as follows:

1750 PED to level up a small plot once.
3500 PED to level up a small+ plot.
Finally, it will cost 7000 PED to level up a medium plot just once.

Perhaps I should have kept my small plot to grow on in the meantime... I sold it originally to focus on leveling up my medium plot, but I had no idea it would be so hard compared to the small. Now I think the best option might have been to grow these lower level garden plants on the small plot and save my medium plot for the next generation of stuff. But then again I will want exp on my medium eventually. Quite the conundrum.
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I do believe the higher leveling cost for the medium plot is for a reason.
Perhaps in the future there will be buildings and features that can be made only on this size of plot or greater.
Yea I hope so. They better use Transgen fruit to build that stuff needs more demand
64 exp and 16%. On the way there!

Anyone got a level 2 plot yet?
Bringing up all my gardening discussions.