Buying: Pristine Elements / Renegade Components / NeoPsion Implants

As the title states, I am currently attempting to purchase the following:
  • Pristine Elements:
    • Tide Claw Pristine Elements;
    • Wiles Pristine Elements;
    • Golem Pristine Elements;
    • Byg Byrd Pristine Elements;

  • Renegade Components:
    • Renegade Augmented Components;
    • Renegade Perfected Components;

  • Minforce:
    • Perfected NeoPsion Mindforce Implant;
    • Augmented NeoPsion Mindforce Implant;

I might also be purchasing Sygin / HAZEN M parts but right now my priority is on the items mentioned above.

No longer need:
  • Paneleon Pristine Elements;
  • Stalkerbot Pristine Elements;
  • Acidic Jelly Pristine Elements;
  • Renegade Adjusted Components;
  • Renegade Improved Components;
  • Renegade Modified Components;

Send me your offers either by posting on this thread, through ingame PM's or through PMs in this forum.

Thank you in advance :)

Bumping it up, still looking for a few of each
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Bump it up, still looking for just a few