Project Entropia Classic


Nov 2, 2015
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lethal jewgirl saint
Would be fun to hop back in time briefly, I wonder if a sort of time portal within the game would be possible. Rather than 2 separate entities. Could be a great story, a portal has opened in space, ripping time to shreds, entering the portal will transport you back to how the universe was x years ago.
Before I say anything else I'm going to say that I would bet my storage that not enough people would stay interested in a non RCE entropia for it to be profitable. Even if you kept the RCE in, the last thing Entropia needs is to divide its playerbase. As far as the people who have the pipe dreams in the back of their mind about making insane money because the markup of everything was insane back then due to the huge mystery factor and crazy amount of people ready to spend a fourth of their paychecks to solve it, I can assure you that it wouldn't happen again unless Mindark found some 200 IQ marketing genius to advertise the game and grow the active player base to 10x what it is now.

Ok, now that my rant is over. I actually like this idea a lot. Idk much about how transferable old assets from Project Entropia would be (3d models and textures), but it would be really neat to have something along the lines of a time portal. Just an instance that replicates part of old EU. I don't think anything other than the mobs and environment models should change much though. Would be cool to fight some "ancient hogglo" and some other ancient mobs with differing stats and loot tables from the current iterations of the mobs. Could be woven into the story as trying to recover some ancient omegaton tech that could have turn in missions similar to the RX armor. Weapons, armor, amps, something unique like clothing that increases crit rate or attack speed. Any of this would be cool