Help: PVP3 (Aegis Lootable Zone) is completely safe for hunters and miners and MindArk should fix that


Aug 8, 2008
Cincinnati, OH
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Kayla Mystique Sinclair
Background, vehicles are allowed in PVP3 and basically allow anyone safe passage through because you cannot be looted while in a vehicle (even if it is destroyed) or when you place loot in a vehicle and recall it.

Today I submitted this support case to MindArk because frankly it is trash that this is still a problem. Please reference this thread that MindArk|Kim posted in 2012 asking the community about vehicles in lootable PVP:

Lootable PVP should not have vehicles allowed because it makes it easy to place loot in a vehicle and recall it, so therefore makes it pointless to have the zone near Aegis Mound classified as a lootable PVP zone.

A couple examples:
1. Miner hits a HOF of pyrite and spawns a pitbull on top of his claim so that in case any green dots show up, they can place all of their minerals and lootable items into vehicle storage and recall vehicle. They may lose their toxic shot, but that is cheap.

2. Same example, but instead miner just hops in vehicle and drives away. There is no weapon in game that can kill a Pitbull before it is out of range due to the vehicle HP.

3. Same example, but even the pker managed to blow up the vehicle, the occupant in the vehicle does not lose any loot or even their toxic shot. THIS IS A MAJOR BUG. An avatar with 10,000 ped of stackable and lootable items in their inventory (not vehicle storage) but their actual inventory can die while inside a vehicle killed by another player, and they will not lose their toxic shot OR their loot.

I could go on and on about examples of how this is bad, but it really is an easily fixable problem by removing vehicles altogether from lootable PVP, just like Akmuul, and Arkadia, and Next Island (the devs on Next Island updated this based on my recommendation so here's your chance to listen to players and make a chance).

How to fix this (Easy Win for Mindark)
1. Remove vehicles from all Lootable PVP's
2. Similar to pressing "t" to get to the nearest revive, add in a functionality with vehicle recall that delays the recall process by 60s so that you cannot instantly recall vehicles full of loot
3. Make vehicle storages lootable and people inside vehicles lootable (which they are not currently)

Thanks, and if you'd like any further feedback I'm happy to have a proactive discussion with your dev team on this topic.



Feb 16, 2019
Absolutely agree with you, that same thing about people entering vehicles or recalling them happened to me twice. I dont think that lootable pvp should have vehicles allowed in any way... I think that its a big disadvantage for PKs and its making the zone abandoned at all.


Aug 21, 2013
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MeLoveYou LongTime FiveDolla
Vehicles in lootable are an unintended exploit. Remove them.