Suggestion: PVP4 needs attention

~ Cirrus ~

Old Alpha
Dec 27, 2017
I could be wrong, but I think MA has neglected PVP mostly because they see that not many people are interested in it.
But I hope they will eventually understand, that on the contrary, many people have left it because of these bugs/exploit/(stupid features), and the lack of incentive for it.

Make the PvP zones fair and attractive, there are a lot of people who are waiting for that to happen.

Many ideas have been suggested for this.
Replace exclusive resources.
Allow some vehicles (with disabled inventories)
Increase the loading time of TP chips in these areas (x2 or x3)
Disable radar.
Remove this "feature" that makes people unlootable at -50% HP.

IMO it would benefit to the game that All PvP areas/events would be seriously reworked and redesigned.
Lootable zones, oil rig, space, and maybe LG from what I hear.