Uber: Rare loot from Aurli

Nice one!! Big big Gratz! :yay::yay:
darn nice

A nice surprise looted from Aurli, Doa Slugstorm :eyecrazy::yay:

cheers keek

Wow, big gratz. I have been dreaming that would happen to me....
Big Gratz! Great gun :handgun:
Nice one

Slugstorm looted a Slugstorm
Only makes sense to sell the one you used to use the one you looted for sentimental reasons. :D
Very nice Keek! A little surprising since there was another just a few weeks ago I think.
super gratz.. you deserve it!
awesome loot and gun! Congratz
I had heard a rumor that some accounts got liquidated the beginning of this year. This could be why there has been a rash of old school items dropping lately.

Just a thought.

Good luck and hof big

Mike aKa Hellspawn
when you get bored of your new toy

PM me if you get bored with that rifle and want to sell :):):):):)