Resource Bottlenecks and Sinks


Aug 21, 2013
Tennessee, USA
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MeLoveYou LongTime FiveDolla
Would you ever consider a few ways to handle some known intensive resource bottlenecks by leveraging existing crafting systems to upgrade components into higher tiers by consuming lower tiers in larger quantities?

While people may not choose to use these options to help with their desire to tier their equipment, it is an option to move the process along and act as a resource sink.

For example:

Problem: Tier components are harder to come by in higher tiers. This is suspected because people are stuck with large quantities trying to tier guns with higher amounts and we are hitting resource caps. While we could raise resource caps, there are other options that burn existing resources in the economy.

Solution: A recipe with a limited component blueprint could be the following:

Tier 7 Component Blueprint (L)

Tier 6 Component x3
Polishing Solvent x1
Nanocube x10

Polishing Solvent Blueprint UL

Any two animal oils
Vibrant Sweat
Nova fragments

The net effect would be always 1 component on success unless a multiplier. We would not want the gizmo effect of creating more components at the end of the chain - for balancing purposes.

Other possibilities:

Tier Components, Socket Components, any other numerated non-craftable component

Additionally you could do very similar things with oils and other things converting them to shrapnel if a hunter would like to cycle that stuff in the crafting terminal. Some people might want to take oils they have and craft it into shrapnel. What this does is burn up resources. Just some thoughts.