Question: Road Crew Axe for Longblade skilling

Aug 11, 2014
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I have been thinking about starting to skill the Swordsman professions.
I have been looking at stats on the weapons from Entropedia and have decided to get Road Crew Axe from Rocktropia which should be the best for me (0 or low skills in Longblades / Melee).

But here is the thing that confuses me, there seems to be two different Road Crew Axes on Entropedia and no source on the other one.
Road Crew Axe:
Road Crew Axe (L):
Many of the items on Entropedia that are from TT don't have Source stated in their info.

So finally the question: Can Road Crew Axe (the unlimited) be bought from Rocktropia TT?
And are there even two different types of Road Crew Axes in the Entropia Universe?

TLDR; Can Road Crew Axe be bought from ROCKtropia TT?
Nope, they are looted. The unlimited one is extremely rare.
I have never come across the UL Road Crew Axe. I have just spent 2 months doing what you are preposing. I got 3 falx and a 2 Laconian Swords and hunted small Diakiba on the west bank of the lake west of twin peaks, charging all 5 swords (50 ped a go for all 5) until I hit level 13 dmg and hit, then I bought Kulohar Glacier Sword and grinded Tiarak on arkadia using the skill pills from the gold starter pack. This week I bought Philosphers sword which I plan to use from next week when I get the hit upto 50, after that it is Archon Sword or low level Ozpyn R1B1 or whatever its called

Also worth noting is that UL SIB swords are a lot cheaper than their gun counterparts, on top of this I get almost an Extra HP ever 2-3 days and carried weight increase about as often. Melee rocks and the big swords are my favourite.
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Thank you all for fast replies!

I decided to follow your instructions and got myself 3x Falx and going to get 2-3 Laconian Swords.

I looked at my stats and I still have 1/2 SIB on the S.I. Psy-Blade and as it seems to be the most eco I will probably max it out till I can use the better swords efficiently.

I did comparison with Entropedia's Weapon Compare Tool so I think it is good idea to share that with you.

I am not sure if it is bug but I wasn't able to attach the Melee Trauma Amplifier I to Falx ingame.