Selling: [Sacred Kong Idol]

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Jun 22, 2016
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Saskia Saski Sonnenschein
thats the key to the sacred grounds and one of the parts you need to create the [Zombie Virus Antidote]
you can try to spawn and tame the sacred kong in the sacred grounds or upgrade to antitode to try to spawn a dhampyre pet and tame it .

SB 1500
sell after 3 days no bid

got the startbit in pm so time starts now

1600 ped from [Matthew Matt Graham]
1800 Zenzile
1900 from [Moon Tory]
1950 Zenzile
2000 [Moon Tory]

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One of the parts? and what are the other parts?

Also I thought that sacred grounds and the dhampyre is broken and they do not spawn anymore? thats what I heard anyway..........
added the link to the how to make the anti . and the dhampyre isent broken , there wwere many tames this year
one team spawned more then one in one week
1650 ped. How does this sale even work? I’m not going to keep bidding if its a 3 day buffer every time…
i there are onyl 2 bidders left and one says he stops we can say 24 hours

matt offerd 1700
Sounds good to me, I’ll do 1800.
so maybe there was a missunderstanding zentile , nobody left the bidding , matt told me he thinks about a offer and like i sayd if he leaves the bidding we do 24 hours . if you dont trust me its open to you to speak with matt .
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is not the Kong Idol used for summoning the King Kong that drops the Kong Blood used in making the vaccine, a vaccine that can be traded after for a Mindkey of kept as a key pass to biodome?

with the idol you are abel to enter the sacred grounds (the sacred kongs drop the blood and there can spawn the tameabel one)
with the antitode you can enter the bio dome but cant enter the sacred grounds anymore ( there you can spawn the dhampyre)
if you turn it into a mind key you can enter the mind key zone but cant enter the biodome or the sacred grounds (only know about the bos wave there )
Please reply by conversation.