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Nov 14, 2005
The Disturbed Ones
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Angel Spike Sunny
I have so much fun reading other peeps diaries, that the time has come to get with the program and keep a track of what and where I am up to.

Kinda like a record kept on Mr Busters server on timescales and goals and such, although I do have a spreadsheet that once a week gets updated with total skills etc :)

Currently I am working towards RDA. When I get organised I will post some skills, but for starters I am an Adept Laser Sniper, but skilling with the EP-40 for the moment.

Much more to follow ;)

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It has been a week since my last confession, erm diary entry :)

It has been a great week on PE/EU whatever. Not only did I get some more light green entries in the chat window, I participated in the FOF!!!

What a blast of expensive Plasma fun that was. I pitched up at Nymphtown with 6k ammo and fully repaired Ghost ready to rock and roll. A chap called Static9836712403 was there and he was waiting for the FOF as well. I called him Static from them on, could not get to grips with all the number of Hofs he deemed relavent to put after his name. Soon after a chap called Larsen pitched up, and after that KayT. It was then that I lost tabs on who was there and who was not.

Hurrikane did a great job of waiting till hi clock said 9.00 pm before he started teaming us. I was teamed in FOF1. Once we were all ready, we set off to the OP south of Nymph. There we all got out shit together and stocked up on a bit more ammo. I got some more coz all the peeps were saying they had 244318 ammo and I was feeling small, heehee. So, all of us ready we ran south and completly hammered some poor Daikiba olds. We were having a great time killing them with one shot, before someone came up with the very relavent comment that maybe we should be going after bigger stuff!!

So, into the PVP area we trotted. FOF1 on the left, FOF2 on the right. We came across some big Armax, but they were a breeze. Then came the Troxies, they were a different story!! This is when the comraderie of the event came to the fore. The joys of hunting in a team with peeps who have really big faps!! We got about 3 or 4 of the troxies I think, before my pc decided to CTD. BUMMER.

Cursing and spittin, I furiously got myself back in game, to find myself a little away from the main group. This was cool as I am really good at running about like a loon. the bummer was that i was unable to chat in Team chat, what sort of stupid bug is that, I seem to get it a lot. Anywho, we regrouped round Hurrikane and the trundled our way south to the rig. We were having a complete hooly slaying big troxes, when the green health bars of the fellow team members started going down alarmingly!! Wondering what was going on, I turned away from the only red dot on the radar that had just gone blue to be met with my demise.

Back at the RT south of PVP we took stock and decided that we would all go and have a go at Legion. As I was still unable to talk in team, I asked Hurrikane to rejoin me, this he did, but in FOF2 as FOF1 was full. No worries, off we all went again, me getting to know my new team members. We appraoched the rig and the news filtered through that Legion had been killed. While we were mulling over this happy event, and killing the odd beast, I happened to get dead again, something called an AOA :)

Back at OP, with a few of the team folks there already, and more arriving by the minute the thoughts moved from the rig to the Spiders!! All regrouped and set we headed off west. We were heading north of FOF1 and ran into a bunch of Warriors and drones. Great fun, broken up with the sound of guns that were not entirly plasma based. I died a few times, but TP'd back to the action, till the group decided that Spiders were more fun and we set off to find FOF! whom had just got a global!!

This is where it got really confusing, as the teams were all fragmented and only half of them in the area at any one time. Our team managed to get suitably all in the same place to have a go at an Alpha, trying the pingypongy thing. We got it down to half health before it started slaying us. Zooming back we did not find out Alpha, but did get organised on a Smaller one. WE GOT IT!! That was such a great feeling, we actually got an Uber mob and it actually had some loot. 6 ped....

By this time some of the peeps had headed off to bed and the teams were depleted. The concensus was that the remaining bods would form one team and go and have a go at the Hogglo's. Ooooh, never even seen them before :)

Some leapfrog TP chipping shooting foot stools on the way, we made it into the lag of Twin and TP'd to TI. We had a lovely little rest in the sun waiting for slowcoach Hurrikane to join us (he blamed it on the fact that the plug for his PC had come out of the wall :)) All teamed up, we headed off East, following a refreshing dip in the lake to wash Spider guts, and team mates guts, off us.

And then the Hogglo's came!! They are very pretty in a rotund sort of Pacman way, and their voices are way too high for the size off their abdomen. With a blast of blue stuff, we took the first one down, this was cool!! Fired up, we started slaying them!! Untill, my bloody PC decided to do the same "why are you still playing this game?? routine". Once I had got myself back (and once again unable to chat in team speak) I was at the RT. Ok, I thought, I kinda know where they all were, and fired up the TP chip. 2 more hops later I thought I was close, but the Hogglo's were closer :( They are a tad too much for me on my own.

Unable to ask for cords in TS I fired myself blindly back into the wilderness searching for yellow dots. This time I got them, YAY, and once more joined the frey. During this episode of not dying, we all managed to get a Global!! The team spirit was great, we were all looking after each other, and getting rather organsed at taking it in turns to hit the fat squeakers. I even got a Crit hit in, over 200 damage done by little old me, Woohooo!! I was Fapping chaps (with my little Fap-50) and being fapped, shooting the squeelies, and having a whale of a time. Then I got dead.

Once revived, I realised that I had only 127 ammo left, not really worth heading back out with, and skint enough not to be able to get some more. So, my drooping eyelids made the decision to call it a night. My only problem now, was how to say night night to the other members of the team. While pondering this, Hurrikane pitched up at thr RT, and I took the opportunity to thank him for the evening and to pass on my Thank you's etc to the rest of the gang.

GREAT NIGHT for me and I will certainly do my utmost to be there for the next one!!! Thanks Hurrikane, Rooster and Debfilante (however you spell that:)) Thank you very much everyone else, you are all a great bunch of chaps and chappeses, very nice to meet you all!!

And I got a new rank in First Aid, that is fapping with spiders for you.

The next day got a global with my former deciple buddy on the baby troxies, and hit 2.0 in my HA with the MKII, and an additional Health point. And met some new people at the outpost NE of PA, to run to a few TP's.

So, all in all a wonderful weekend. Good God, is it Wednesday already!!
I am as good at keeping a diary, as I am in replying to emails :D

Not a lot been going on really - just hunting and skilin and no lootin.

I gotta be close to RDA, it is all I seem to hunting for at the moment.

There was an incident last week that got the blood going. PVP!!

I was at Atrax beach, munching and getting munched by the Traxes, when I get hammered by a bravo. Ooh, that is a first here, I thought. Hey ho, I revived and headed further west to avoid the chap. never really had a go at killing another player, apart from some soc fun in the ring with axes and without armour. Never really seen the point of wasting ammo and decay for no return (unless you are in PVP3)

Anywhoo, continued with the Atrax tickling, watching the radar closely for green dots, and catching snippits of some pissed off people by the RT. When down to my last 2k ammo I noticed 2 green dots heading in my direction, swimming accross on the the lakes. Uh oh, I thought, at least this will save this a 1 minute run back in the direction of th RT.

As I finished the Trax I was on, they came up out of the water and immediatly started shooting at me. Here we go, I thought. I started to run about a bit to at least make a game of it. While doing this I noticed that they were both in a mix of Shogun/pixie, and they were only hitting me for about 5 damage.

Hmmm, dare I have a go at them? YEAH, I thought!! Adrenalin pumping, I lined the first one up. 2 shots later he very satisfyingly crumpled to the floor. The second one only took 1 shot (I think he may have previously been tagged by his buddy)

What a rush!!! It certainly puts a different complexion on killing when you know that there is another player behind the wheel.

Still a waste of time of and ammo, but helluva fun. Not something I will be doing regularly, but these guys shot first, without any chat, and took on someone bigger than they were :)

And I was lucky they were only little players.
Woot!! - Got my Ranged Damage Assessment skill last night!! I am so chuft, not sure why I am so chuft, but I am.

Now I have the dilema of "should i continue skilling rifle for the moment, or skill up HG or the blades?" Hmm, not sure yet, and anyway peds down at the moment due to yellow messages in the chat window, so cat really afford to do much of anything.

We have got another computer recently and hunting with Rockchick (the wife) is an awsome experience :) It is such fun, I love it, and really funny things keep happening. The last one was a few nights ago, when we were playing with the wobbly boobed green ladies in the PVP west of Orthos. After a prolonged engagement, with lots of mobs on us (mostly Feffoids or Maffoids, can never remember, the grey electric ones), I was down to about 1/4 health, and casually mentioned that "I am fapping now Dear". Next thing I see is the little message in the chat box saying

"Rockchick killed Spike using a silly pistol" :eek:

"Oops" she says, "sorry love, thought I had my fap out to help you"


She was forgiven instantly coz she is lovely, but i will certainly keep an eye on where she pointing her silly pistol while in PVP.
blast, to much Saturday so far :)

must drink beer now, it is the law :beerchug:
Bye bye EU and EF, see you in a week, Me and Rock off camping with the kids.

Will be great.

I hope you all have fun and dont break the game. Would be nice to come back in 7 days and still find it here. If you like, you could fix some stuff :D

Off to a field somewhere now with rabbits and grass and other such cool stuff...
We're Back!!

Had a wonderful time and got sunburnt - in Wales!!! Excellent!!

Might even post a few pics
We're not here again!!

Building work being done to the house, PC all under dust sheets, not staying at home, hence no PEEU :(

Be back ingame in a few days hopefully :)
Building all finished now - now is the bloody decorating :mad:

I am begining to miss EU a bit now, gotta get all this painting finished so we can move back in and get killing again...



Back to hunting as much as I can.

Ped card before tonight 200 peds - ped card after tonight (after repairs (the tithe to MA)) 20 peds

Fun hunt though and got some more TP's with a desciple.

Just a sucky card dry kinda experience
Oops - bit of a negative entry before - sry.

Just the usual ebb and flow I guess. Things have been been better since then:) Looting ESI's is always a fine thing and in most cases better and more regular than globals, 3 in the last week so all is good. I seem to be making my ammo costs back 7 times out of 10. Decay is still the killer but getting better as skills go up.

All sorts to chat about but need to go and make a cup of coffee - Cya
Well what does I do with 5 pecs on card??? Hmmmmm. What could I say or play with that...

I know :eureka:

1000th post !!

It has been a wild ride and I thanks MB for the oportunity and for MA for making such a game :D

Time to get drunk now :cool:
Doobeedoobeedoooooo :whistle:

Time to go camping again - bye till next week - dont break it while I am gone ;)
Back now and not as smely as smelly as I was an hour ago. Back to the shoot shoot hope sum loot :D

Oh yeah, and the merry band of nutters...

Woohoo, TDO in space!!!!

Thanks to Airedale and a bit of organisation we managed to get 8 of the soc up to space together. Great fun had by all exploring and getting lost :)

Bed calls...
Back in the sunny land now. Not overlly impressed with CND, but it had to be experienced. Maybe when my skills are better there will be a more compelling reason to head up there again.

The next mission is a Beacon mission with the greatest ever soc - YAY. Will let you know how it goes :D
So, last night we went on our first Soc Beacon Mission (first time for all of us)

It was great fun, but we did not know there was a time limit on the thing, hence the blooming thing started counting sown before we got to the boss Level. We got the Boss with about a minute or so to go, hence no time for us to loot any boxes. I say "We", but I was killed on the first level after getting hammered by a Drone 1. It seems that I did not have various bits of my armour on - grumble grumble and I dont want to talk about it...)

Anyway, when we were all back down on the ground, we headed off on a team run Back to Troy, from the oupost west of there. We all thundered up to the first red dot we saw, and promptly got jumped on by this chap :D

[br]Click to enlarge[/br]

After plasters were handed out, we headed off again, this time a bit south first. A merry time ensued playing with the tin cans, and we got some recompense for our efforts :D

[br]Click to enlarge[/br]

Some members of the team went to bed, we reformed up and got another one :)

[br]Click to enlarge[/br]

So the night was not all Grumble Grumble and some of the soc experienced their first Glowball

Saving up for another Beacon now.....
All change!!

Well we have a new person in charge - 711

I congratulate 711 on his acquisition, it is indeed a fine forum. I wish him well and I hope for the best.

I am a little unsure on why he wishes to remain secret. What has he got to hide? I am probably being over cautious, but this game has taught me to be so. And now we are in a situation where we have someone whom is an active player having total access to everything on EF, AND choosing to hide behind a secret.

I agree with Dubs point on the whole PM thing. It really is very easy if you have DB access to read the PM's

Therefore these statements by our new leader are at odds

711 said:
I own EF in totality: domain name, copyrights, forum database, archive, etc.

711 said:
neither I nor MB has access to your private messages

This is blatantly not true - Even I with just a smattering of knowledge with PHPmyadmin was able to very easily have a look at a test PM in a VBulletin I maintain. I am not Uber or in an Uber soc, and I have not yet said anything in PM's that I would not want anyone else to see. But I CAN see this being an issue for the big guys coming up to events such as LG etc.

I suppose this is not really much of an issue as people wil just communicate these sorts of things elswhere. It just grates me that 711 is making statements that insult the intellegence of people here.

Anywhoo - we will all wait to see what happens and what is in 711's new privacy policy.

Dont get me wrong - I love it here and wish the best for EF, I jsut wish it would remain as transparent as it was. we have enough secrecy ingame without having it here as well.

Over and out and looking forward to some time ingame this weekend.
Well what a fantastic night we have just had.

Leandro Kun was very close to MMS and so him and I decided to head off to Atrax Beach for some Opalo fun :) But us lot being the way we are, we just had to invite anyone that was on at the time. Ghana (Danoclese) was there like a shot. Fine said she would love to join and asked where Atrax Beach was. West habitat was the reply followed by an "Ah, dont have that one". So Zam and Fine were to run down to WH while we were hunting.

Helios then piped up that he did not have that as well, and so he steamed off to NO to join in Zam and Fine's run.

Lee, Ghana and I headed off to hunt and were having a merry old time untill in the midst of 12 Atraxes Lee quickly squeezed in a "mms" into the soc chat :) I am so happy for him, he has worked hard at getting there. And about 10 minutes later Ghana piped up with "1k rifle" :)

About this time Zam and the rest were approaching us, we reteamed up and proceeded to doner the Atrax :) I love team hunting, it is crap on loot, but a hell of a blast. At some point we realised that Fine and Helios would actually need running to the TP, so we headed in that direction. We hit West Habitat, and continued on to Nea's place, al suitably naked for the occassion (except for Fine I think)

So, to cap of the evening - one member hit 1k rifle, one member hit MMS, and 2 got 2 new TP's and a hell of a lot of fun on the way :D

I do love nights like this:)
oops - double post :D
"umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu"


It's a word describing an African worldview, which translates as "I am because you are," and which means that individuals need other people to be fulfilled.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in his book No Future Without Forgiveness, says: "Ubuntu is very difficult to render into a Western language... It is to say, 'My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, in what is yours.'"
2000th post!! :)

Well, a couple of milestones recently.

1. 2000 posts in a forum. Wow, never thought I would care so much about a forum.

2. Yesterday was my first birthday in PE/EU. I was born 23rd October 2005 Atlas Haven.

Little did I know than what a HUGE part of my life this bloody game would take up. A brief summary off the top of my head.

Time spent sweating - 4 hours, sweat gathering skills, 25
Gear - the usual lower mid stuff, Ghost, Vigi, Shogun, Gremlin, EP40, MKII, FAP50 and the associated attachments and stuff.
One wonderful wife as addicted as I am.
Skills unlocked - MMS, RDA, Seren (and animal taming for what that is worth)
52 (or thereabouts, a few team ones not posted here) globals (5 Hofs I think) in 53 weeks of play.
One FANTASTIC Society - The Disturbed Ones - I love you guys and you lot are the main reason for loggin in.
This goes hand in hand with some awsome friends I have made in here from all over the place. In no particular order...

Zam, Lee, Ghana, KK, Fine, Rock, Stinky, 1717, Heli, PQ, Lin, Cow, Mikah, Status, and many others I can't remember at the moment.

Notable stuff -

My first global, I loved that, took me completely by suprise, hunting with Lin when new and hit a Molisk for 880 peds :)

Rock joining the game and getting a second puter so we could play together.

The soc growing to something that the members are passionate about.

The second soc beacon mission (I dont want to talk about the first one...)

Taking out big mobs for the first time, recently SEG and Atrox Prowler

Completing certain goals like unlocking shit.

But most of all.....

The absolute hoolie I have with the soc just talking crap with each other while we all do our thing. I love it :D

Time for the third beer now :beerchug: (good god, THAT is how you are supposed to type it :eek:)
I got some Anatomy skill today, and here is the pic to prove it.

Hello Diary.

Lots of changes in the past 3 weeks.

Loosing a lot more than I was used to.

Fantastic soc mates.

Great community.

Frightened at how much I am spending to be able to have some fun.

I love the little daisy clumps around New Oxford.

Maybe I will go and sit in them for a bit......
While sitting in the daisies, and thinking about stuff, I began wondering about why do you get yellow AND white daisies? Have these been bred like this by man, or is if a natural thing. And if it is a natural thing, why? Do they attract different sorts of bees? Do they even grow together naturally in the same area, or are the yellow ones in colder places and the White ones in hotter places??

Why do they have so many petals, when some flowers get away with only 4 or 5? Who first called them Daisies? Why not Doris's or Jemima's?