Selling: Selling everything that is tradeable


Apr 3, 2020
Natural Born Killers
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George NewEra Papadopoulos
As the title says i am willing to sell everything that is tradeable at the right price. Thanks!

A.R.C. Armor Mold (Arm Guards)20.10
A.R.C. Armor Mold (Boots)10.05
A.R.C. Armor Mold (Gloves)30.15
A.R.C. Armor Mold (Harness)70.35
A.R.C. Armor Mold (Helmet)20.10
A.R.C. Armor Mold (Leg Guards)10.05
A.R.C. Armor Mold (Shin Guards)20.10
A.R.C. Commander Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)860.86
A.R.C. Commander Arm Guards (M,L)112.47
A.R.C. Commander Cap (L) Blueprint (L)920.92
A.R.C. Commander Cap (M,L)113.46
A.R.C. Commander Chest Guard (L) Blueprint (L)900.90
A.R.C. Commander Chest Guard (M,L)110.23
A.R.C. Commander Foot Guards (L) Blueprint (L)960.96
A.R.C. Commander Foot Guards (M,L)129.61
A.R.C. Commander Hand Guards (L) Blueprint (L)980.98
A.R.C. Commander Hand Guards (M,L)113.19
A.R.C. Commander Leg Guards (M,L)111.55
A.R.C. Commander Shin Guards (L) Blueprint (L)870.87
A.R.C. Commander Shin Guards (M,L)111.45
A.R.C. Commander Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint (L)910.91
A.R.C. Faction Badge24730.02
A.R.C. Guardian Arm Guards (M)10.45
A.R.C. Guardian Arm Guards (M)10.94
A.R.C. Guardian Foot Guards (F)11.07
A.R.C. Guardian Foot Guards (F)10.70
A.R.C. Guardian Foot Guards (M)14.00
A.R.C. Guardian Foot Guards (M)12.58
A.R.C. Guardian Foot Guards (M)11.41
A.R.C. Guardian Hand Guards (F)11.50
A.R.C. Guardian Hand Guards (M)10.95
A.R.C. Guardian Hand Guards (M)10.09
A.R.C. Guardian Harness (F)10.59
A.R.C. Guardian Harness (M)10.01
A.R.C. Guardian Harness (M)10.42
A.R.C. Guardian Helmet (M)11.10
A.R.C. Guardian Helmet (M)10.98
A.R.C. Guardian Shin Guards (M)10.26
A.R.C. Guardian Shin Guards (M)10.32
A.R.C. Guardian Thigh Guards (F)11.90
A.R.C. Guardian Thigh Guards (M)10.15
A.R.C. Guardian Thigh Guards (M)10.49
A.R.C. Inaugurates Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Inaugurates Cap (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Inaugurates Chest Guard (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Inaugurates Foot Guards (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Inaugurates Hand Guards (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Inaugurates Shin Guards (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Inaugurates Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Lancer (L)120.00
A.R.C. Lancer (L) Blueprint (L)40.04
A.R.C. P.I.G.V. Mk. II (L) Blueprint (L)460.46
A.R.C. Patrol Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Patrol Cap (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Patrol Chest Guard (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Patrol Foot Guards (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Patrol Hand Guards (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Patrol Shin Guards (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Patrol Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
A.R.C. Special Ops Arm Guards (L) Blueprint (L)54SOLD
A.R.C. Special Ops Arm Guards (M,L)128.50
A.R.C. Special Ops Boots (M,L)128.50
A.R.C. Special Ops Boots (M,L)17.60
A.R.C. Special Ops Foot Guards (L) Blueprint (L)65SOLD
A.R.C. Special Ops Gloves (L) Blueprint (L)60SOLD
A.R.C. Special Ops Gloves (M,L)128.50
A.R.C. Special Ops Gloves (M,L)111.19
A.R.C. Special Ops Harness (L) Blueprint (L)31SOLD
A.R.C. Special Ops Harness (M,L)128.50
A.R.C. Special Ops Harness (M,L)111.19
A.R.C. Special Ops Helmet (L) Blueprint (L)160SOLD
A.R.C. Special Ops Helmet (M,L)128.50
A.R.C. Special Ops Shin Guards (L) Blueprint (L)52SOLD
A.R.C. Special Ops Shin Guards (M,L)128.50
A.R.C. Special Ops Thigh Guards (L) Blueprint (L)49SOLD
A.R.C. Special Ops Thigh Guards (M,L)128.50
A.R.C. Wire Harness Blueprint (L)860.86
AP-54 Acid (L)117.65
AP-54 Acid (L)112.93
AP-54 Acid (L)113.03
AP-54 Acid (L)120.99
AP-54 Acid (L)115.42
AP-54 Acid (L)119.25
AP-54 Acid (L)17.55
Access Card10.01
AccuStim 10mg60.06
AccuStim 15mg400.40
AccuStim 5mg80.08
Acid Protective Coating Blueprint10.01
Adjusted Nanites22.00
Advanced Adaptive Fuse1615.36
Advanced Leather Extractor400.40
Advanced Leather Extractor290.29
Advanced Metal Extractor70.07
Advanced Mineral Extractor3293.29
Advanced Mineral Extractor480.48
Advanced Stone Extractor437543.75
Adventurer's Backpack (M)11.00
Aeglic Ring, Adjusted110.00
Aetherex Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Ahlan's Old Vehicle (L)10.20
Alloy Hinge Blueprint10.01
Ancient Snablesnot Male Strong Deed18.47
Animal Adrenal Oil10020.00
Animal Adrenal Oil5310.60
Animal Essence4204.20
Animal Essence716371.63
Animal Essence Rare2SOLD
Animal Essence Rare88SOLD
Animal Eye Oil37318.65
Animal Eye Oil44022.00
Animal Hide950.95
Animal Hide330033.00
Animal Muscle Oil591.77
Animal Muscle Oil100030.00
Animal Oil Residue670067.00
Animal Thyroid Oil20020.00
Animal Thyroid Oil27027.00
Anti-Glare Spray Blueprint10.01
Aqeeq Stone3797.58
Aqeeq Texture Blueprint10.05
Aquatic Gland5410.80
ArMatrix Extender P20 (L)1166.31
Arctic Boots (M,L)10.06
Arctic Combat Parka (M,L)10.06
Arctic Snow Pants (M,L)10.06
Arctic Tactical Radio10.01
Arkace Timber17817.80
Arkace Timber42042.00
Arkadia Components11.00
Arkadia Furniture11.00
Arkadia Material Textures11.00
Arkadia Moon Deed2000.00
Arkadia Passport10.00
Arkadia Tools11.00
Arkadia Vehicles11.00
Arkadian Golden Key Bearings510.00
Arkadian Hornet Trophy Head10.30
Arkadian Key 1 Blueprint10.01
Armor Defense Enhancer 1 Blueprint10.01
Arret Pet10.00
Arret Pet10.00
Artemic Ring, Augmented110.00
Atrax Bone10.05
Atrax Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
B.E. A.R.C. Pilot Arm Guards Blueprint (L)1001.00
B.E. A.R.C. Pilot Boots Blueprint (L)1001.00
B.E. A.R.C. Pilot Gloves Blueprint (L)1001.00
B.E. A.R.C. Pilot Harness Blueprint (L)1001.00
B.E. A.R.C. Pilot Helmet Blueprint (L)1001.00
B.E. A.R.C. Pilot Leg Guards Blueprint (L)1001.00
B.E. A.R.C. Pilot Shin Guards Blueprint (L)1001.00
B.E. Imperium Carbine (L) Blueprint (L)1971.97
B.E. Pilot Arm Guards (F)15.70
B.E. Pilot Boots (F)15.70
B.E. Pilot Gloves (F)15.70
B.E. Pilot Harness (F)15.70
B.E. Pilot Helmet (F)15.70
B.E. Pilot Leg Guards (F)15.70
B.E. Pilot Pistol (L) Blueprint (L)1881.88
B.E. Pilot Shin Guards (F)15.70
B.E. Redstar Smasher (L) Blueprint (L)1991.99
B.E. Zekkonian Claw (L) Blueprint (L)1781.78
B.E. Zekkonian Longblade (L) Blueprint (L)2002.00
B.E. Zekkonian Short Sword (L) Blueprint (L)2002.00
B.E. Zekkonian Shortblade (L) Blueprint (L)590.59
Bahri Claw80.32
Bahri Hide443.52
Bahri Skin60.72
Ball Bearings Blueprint10.01
Base Synthetic Leather Texture1063106.30
Base Synthetic Leather Texture Blueprint10.28
Basic A.R.C. Desk15.41
Basic A.R.C. Desk Blueprint (L)170.17
Basic Auxiliary Socket Blueprint10.01
Basic Bearings Blueprint10.01
Basic Butt Joint Blueprint10.29
Basic Engine Blueprint10.01
Basic Eye Color Set30.33
Basic Filters Blueprint10.54
Basic Gem Extractor90.09
Basic Hair Color Set70.77
Basic Leather Extractor286828.68
Basic Leather Extractor800.80
Basic Metal Extractor1061.06
Basic Metal Extractor230.23
Basic Mineral Extractor1111.11
Basic Mineral Extractor7997.99
Basic Plastic Extractor3723.72
Basic Screws49519.80
Basic Screws Blueprint10.35
Basic Sensor Blueprint10.32
Basic Sheet Metal Blueprint10.01
Basic Stone Extractor15804158.04
Basic Stone Extractor210.21
Basic Structure Blueprint10.01
Basic Targeting Chip60.12
Basic Wood Extractor371837.18
Basic Wood Extractor1431.43
Basic Wood Extractor16206162.06
Baydar Card10.01
Belkar Ingot38423.04
Belkar Stone931.86
Big Bird Wing4315.05
Bio ID Verification44SOLD
Bismuth Fragment142.80
Blakkshaah Badge360.00
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 166.00
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 236.00
Blank Arkadian DNA Cartridge 326.00
Blank Calamusoid Chip, Sector A180.00
Blausariam Texture Blueprint10.01
Blazar Fragment975920.97
Blazar Fragment10000.01
Blemish Remover Blueprint10.01
Block Chisel Blueprint10.02
Blood Fragment6613.20
Blue Crystal360.72
Blue Crystal90018.00
Blue Crystal Texture Blueprint10.01
Blue Icy Crystal19568.25
Blueprints: A.R.C.11.00
Blueprints: Cyrene11.00
Blueprints: Imperium11.00
Blueprints: Turrelion11.00
Body Fat90.72
Boffin Upgrade Parts1SOLD
Bokol Lumbar Plate91.80
Bokol Spinal Plate25.00
Bokol Trophy Head10.30
Bonding Liquid1422.84
Bonding Liquid Blueprint10.69
Bone-in Meat34244.46
Bone-out Meat759.75
Boots of Turrelia (M)19.74
Broken Scorpion30.01
Brukite Stone Texture Blueprint10.85
Bukin's Spare Rifle, Adjusted10.21
Busted Zyn Mordincran390.00
C.B.R. 107 (L) Blueprint (L)960.96
CND Bananas90.09
CUHOF 01 Key Blueprint10.05
CUHOF Key Pins460.92
CUHOF Key Ring60.18
Caboria Hide996.93
Caboria Shell433.01
Caged Arrets50.00
Caged Paneleons80.00
Caldorite Texture Blueprint10.01
Calypso Bone Sample95070.09
Calypso Star Plant, Bright Red10.01
Canis Arm Guards (M)12.41
Canis Foot Guards (M)10.95
Canis Foot Guards (M)13.75
Canis Gloves (M)11.76
Canis Harness (M)13.68
Canis Helmet (M)12.10
Canis Shin Guards (M)13.93
Canis Thigh Guards (M)13.43
Carabok Hide1162.32
Carabok Leg Fur153.00
Carabok Trophy Head10.30
Carapace Boots MkI (M)10.00
Carapace Pants MkI (M)10.00
Castorian Survival EnBlade-A1SOLD
Caudatergus Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Cave Sap207.80
Cbase Robot Plastic9512.35
Chikara InvestaFoe ES4001SOLD
Chilling Agent10.70
Christmas Lantern 202210.01
Christmas Strongbox10.00
Christmas Strongbox250.00
Christmas Strongbox7580.00
Christmas Strongbox10.00
Chrysoberyl Fasteners Blueprint10.01
Classic Decotown Long Wall Shelf Blueprint10.01
Classic Decotown Short Wall Shelf Blueprint10.01
Clear Crystal1102110.20
Coarse Frieze Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
Coat of Turrelia (M)129.70
Coat of the Proving Grounds (M)15.00
Cobalt Fragment6613.20
Cobalt Texture Blueprint10.01
Cold Protective Coating Blueprint10.01
Colonist Red Issue Jumpsuit (M)10.10
Color Enhancing Agent10.30
Combat Token870.87
Combustive Attack Nanochip 61SOLD
Combustor Blueprint10.16
Common Dung540.00
Common Dung115940.11
Common Dung125740.12
Component (Vol. 2)11.00
Composite Plank Blueprint10.19
Compouned Plastic Seal50.50
Compouned Plastic Seal Blueprint10.02
Compressed Plastic Spacers191.64
Compressed Plastic Spacers Blueprint10.04
Confiscated Duster Slicer10.03
Cooper Pet10.00
Corria Timber44388.60
Corria Timber20040.00
Corvus Arm Guards (M)10.20
Corvus Arm Guards (M)10.12
Corvus Foot Guards (M)10.57
Corvus Foot Guards (M)10.13
Corvus Gloves (M)10.04
Corvus Gloves (M)10.11
Corvus Harness (M)10.06
Corvus Harness (M)11.56
Corvus Helmet (M)10.03
Corvus Shin Guards (M)10.03
Corvus Thigh Guards (M)10.19
Corvus Thigh Guards (M)10.06
Cracked Shell271.62
Creative Juice Blueprint10.01
Creature Hide1989.30
Crude Oil6576.57
Cryogenic Attack Nanochip 1 (L)16.10
Crystal Honey350.00
Crystal Pollen31020.03
Crystalline Core Blueprint10.01
Crystalline Hologram Key11.00
Cthulhu Plushie10.00
Cube Empowered Lube2759.90
Cube Empowered Lube Blueprint10.28
Cube Enhanced Metal86128.41
Cube Enhanced Metal Blueprint10.26
Cube Fortified Motherboard Blueprint10.01
Cube Infused Calcium10.04
Cube Infused Calcium Blueprint10.01
Cube Infused Hormone10.11
Cube Infused Hormone Blueprint10.01
Cuddly Christmas Tezlapod Toy10.01
Cult of Shut'thend Tajho Creature Control Capsule210.00
Cultist Claw23.20
Cultist Cloth160.48
Cultist Plushie10.00
Cultist Texture Blueprint (L)100.10
Cumbriz Texture Blueprint10.01
Curved Retail Counter (C) Blueprint10.01
Cyborg Suit (M)1SOLD
Cyrene Acid Armor Plate (L) Blueprint10.18
Cyrene Collectible Drill Bot Blueprint10.01
Cyrene Collectible Jellyworm Blueprint10.01
Cyrene Collectible Scout Bot Blueprint10.01
Cyrene Collectible Scout Bot Blueprint10.01
Cyrene Collectible Tide Claw Blueprint10.01
Cyrene Mission Token465446.54
Cyrene Redux: Blueprints11.00
Cyrene Redux: Blueprints11.00
Cyrene Token Splinter12940.01
Cyrenium Ingot12SOLD
DNA Fragment A66.00
DNA Fragment B612.00
DSEC Laptop 0410.10
Dahhar Bone713.55
Dahhar Hide22313.38
Dahhar Skin40712.21
Daily Token2392.39
Damaged Flash Drive 1GB640.64
Damaged Flash Drive 2GB70.28
Damaged Flash Drive 4GB50.40
Damaged Ram 4GB620.62
Damaged Ram 8GB30.12
Darkening Agent10.16
Decent Calcium Compound10.12
Decent Magnesium Component10.20
Decent Protien Strain10.40
Dehera Immolation Sword1140.00
Denim Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
DevaStim 10mg7SOLD
DevaStim 15mg43SOLD
DevaStim 5mg15SOLD
Diluted Body Oil59129.55
Diluted Mineral Extractor2742.74
Dire Weed Flaxen40.80
Dominax Original Boiga (L) Blueprint (L)690.69
Dominax Original Boiga, Adjusted1SOLD
Dominax Original Garter (L)17.00
Dominax Original Garter (L)17.00
Dominax Original Garter (L)17.00
Dominax Original Garter (L)16.04
Dominax Original Garter (L)17.00
Dominax Original Garter (L)17.00
Dominax Original Garter (L)17.00
Dominax Original Garter (L)17.00
Dominax Original Garter (L)17.00
Dominax Original Habu, Improved (L)178.49
Dominax Original Habu, Improved (L)180.00
Dominax Original Moccasin1SOLD
Dominax Original Moccasin (L) Blueprint (L)680.68
Dominax Original Moccasin, E.L.M. Edition (L)10.26
Dragonfly v1 (L) Blueprint (L)100.10
Dromia Hide119071.40
Dromia Trophy Head10.30
Duhol Hand Band60.66
Duhol Hide534.77
Duhol Sack of Bones111.43
ED-5 Grade 1 Key10.00
ED-5 Grade 2 Key10.00
ED-5 Grade 3 Key10.00
Earth Shock Trooper Arm Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Earth Shock Trooper Foot Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Earth Shock Trooper Gloves (M,L)1SOLD
Earth Shock Trooper Harness (M,L)1SOLD
Earth Shock Trooper Helmet (M,L)1SOLD
Earth Shock Trooper Shin Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Earth Shock Trooper Thigh Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Easter Ring 20221SOLD
Eclipse 4000 Plasma Carbine Prototype (L)1362.39
Electronic Stabilizing Component10020.00
Else Chair - Alpha Blueprint10.01
Else Table - Alpha Blueprint10.01
Elysian Artistic Patterns11.00
Elysian Colorator12.00
Elysian Technology11.00
Elysians’ Tropical Top (C) Blueprint10.01
Embossed Cyrene Shirt Blueprint10.01
Empty Skill Implant (L)1SOLD
Empty Skill Implant (L)1SOLD
Empty Skill Implant (L)1SOLD
Empty Skill Implant (L)1SOLD
Energy Matter Residue340.34
Enhanced Cloth Extractor360.36
Enhanced Metal Extractor160.16
Enhanced Metal Extractor380.38
Enhanced Mineral Extractor140.14
Enhancers (Vol. 1)11.00
Enkidd Dire S1 (L) Blueprint10.12
Enkidd Fang S1 (L) Blueprint10.01
Enkidd Howler S.4 Blueprint (L)1001.00
Enkidd Red-Back (L) Blueprint (L)510.51
Enkidd Series A-41 (L) Blueprint (L)540.54
Entropia Unreal Token60.00
Estate Deed10.00
Eudoracell Pet10.00
Evenweave Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
Exhumer Mk112.40
Exploration Hoverpod MkI (L)10.28
Explosive Projectiles14000014.00
Explosive Projectiles Blueprint 111.00
Explosive Projectiles Blueprint 210.85
Fanoos Medical V1 (L)10.05
Faucervix Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Felt Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
Feran Trophy Head10.30
Feran Wing Claw4634.50
Ferguson's All Purpose Lube Blueprint (L)3813.81
Ferguson's Amalgam Blueprint (L)1531.53
Ferguson's Refined Amalgam Blueprint (L)1101.10
Ferguson’s All Purpose Lube20.20
Festive Snow Globe10.01
Finder F-10412.89
Fine Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
Firewall Arm Guards Mk-III (M,L)10.91
Firewall Foot Guards Mk-III (M,L)10.75
Firewall Gloves Mk-III (M,L)10.96
Firewall Harness Mk-III (M,L)10.76
Firewall Helmet Mk-III (M,L)10.82
Firewall Shin Guards Mk-III (M,L)10.90
Firewall Thigh Guards Mk-III (M,L)10.77
Flannel Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
Flesh Ripper Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Focus Lens Component489.60
Focus Lens Component43286.40
Frigulite Texture Blueprint10.01
Frosty Drakescale581.16
Fuel Cells BlueprintSOLD0.47
Gallard Trophy Head10.30
Garcen Grease181.80
Garcen Lubricant173.40
Generic Fuse12SOLD
Generic Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Girder Beams Blueprint10.01
Goblin Arm Guards (M)15.90
Goblin Face Guard (M)13.70
Goblin Foot Guards (M)13.56
Goblin Gloves (M)13.56
Goblin Harness (M)18.00
Goblin Shin Guards (M)15.87
Goblin Thigh Guards (M)16.10
Goggles of Turrelia (M)14.94
Gold Ram Horns (M)11.00
Good Calcium Compound120.72
Gorbek Emulsion135.20
Graphene Polymer2525.00
Greater Claw2038.12
Green Crystal682.04
Green Crystal60018.00
Green Leprechaun Pet10.00
Habkeh Blueprint10.01
Hadraada Flesh12.00
Hadraada Hide23458.50
Hadraada Lumbar Plate51.00
Hadraada Spinal Plate2550.00
Hadraada Trophy Head10.30
Hair Gel405.20
Hair Spray30.18
Halix Leg12.00
Halix Leg Fur199.50
Halix Tail1222.44
Halix Trophy Head10.30
Halloween Torch10.01
Hardened Metal Ruds Blueprint10.01
Hardening Agent43417.36
Harrier Assault Arm Guards, Adjusted (M)10.11
Harrier Assault Arm Guards, Adjusted (M)11.18
Harrier Assault Foot Guards, Adjusted (M)10.52
Harrier Assault Foot Guards, Adjusted (M)10.01
Harrier Assault Gloves, Adjusted (M)10.03
Harrier Assault Gloves, Adjusted (M)10.59
Harrier Assault Harness, Adjusted (M)10.14
Harrier Assault Harness, Adjusted (M)11.66
Harrier Assault Helmet, Adjusted (M)10.00
Harrier Assault Helmet, Adjusted (M)10.39
Harrier Assault Shin Guards, Adjusted (M)10.00
Harrier Assault Shin Guards, Adjusted (M)10.38
Harrier Assault Thigh Guards, Adjusted (M)11.25
Harrier Assault Thigh Guards, Adjusted (M)10.15
Haruspex Sleek Pants (M) Blueprint (L)100.10
Haruspex Voodoo Vest (M) Blueprint (L)50.05
Hawk 1k (L) Blueprint (L)470.47
Hazy Crystal23069.00
Heat Protective Coating Blueprint10.01
Heating Agent11.00
Heavy Power Cell Blueprint10.01
Hekia Texture Blueprint10.01
Hekia Timber20030.00
Hekia Timber26239.30
Helen Venture's Walking Stick Blueprint10.13
Herman CAP-10 Smuggler129.40
Hermetic Ring, Adjusted19.96
Hermetic Ring, Perfected1SOLD
Hessian Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
High Grade Electronic Component1122.32
High Grade Metal Compound94.05
High Grade Motion Sensor32917.10
High Grade Power Supply706.44
High Grade Processor10.26
High Grade Scrap386.84
Holiday Furniture Coffee Table11.00
Holiday Globe 202010.30
Holiday Magic2972.97
Holiday Plaid Texture60.01
Holiday Plaid Texture Blueprint10.50
Holiday Plaid Texture Blueprint10.50
Holiday Plaque 202010.30
Hoverboard Crapster sEdition (C,L)11.00
HyperStim 10mg1SOLD
HyperStim 5mg4SOLD
I0-Pulse Unit10.01
I0-Pulse Unit10.01
IFN Communication Device10.01
IFN Desert Beret (M)10.09
IFN Lance Corporal Access Card10.00
IFN Private Desert (M)10.20
Imperium Armor Plating I11.00
Imperium Armor Plating I11.00
Imperium Armor Plating I11.00
Imperium Armor Plating I11.00
Imperium Armor Plating I10.00
Imperium Armor Plating I11.00
Imperium Armor Plating I10.00
Imperium Armor Plating I11.00
Imperium Armor Plating I11.00
Imperium Bearings Blueprint (L)1531.53
Imperium Carbine Rank 1 (L)16.91
Imperium Common Hat (M)10.23
Imperium Common Shirt Blueprint (L)100.10
Imperium Compression Unit Blueprint (L)320.32
Imperium Control Sensor Blueprint (L)340.34
Imperium Cube418209.00
Imperium Cube Component 130.30
Imperium Cube Component 1 Blueprint10.40
Imperium Cube Component 240.40
Imperium Cube Component 2 Blueprint10.41
Imperium Cube Component 3191.90
Imperium Cube Component 3 Blueprint10.36
Imperium Cube Component 410.10
Imperium Cube Component 4 Blueprint10.39
Imperium Cube Component 550.50
Imperium Cube Component 5 Blueprint10.40
Imperium Issue 400 (L) Blueprint10.01
Imperium Key Cube328172.20
Imperium Key Cube Blueprint10.26
Imperium Resource Refiner B116.00
Imperium Servo Blueprint (L)1261.26
Improved B.E. Arm Guards (M)111.40
Improved B.E. Chest Guard (M)111.40
Improved B.E. Foot Guards (M)111.40
Improved B.E. Hand Guards (M)111.40
Improved B.E. Head Guard (M)111.40
Improved B.E. Leg Guards (M)111.40
Improved B.E. Shin Guards (M)111.40
Intact Eye40.68
Iridium Ingot39459.10
Iridium Ore20.10
Iron Ingot4316.77
Island Shirt (C) Blueprint10.01
Jacket of Turrelia (M)129.74
Jade Fragment7114.20
Jagged Tooth1262.52
Jeef Nawa Core Part26413.20
Jeef Pigments933.72
Jeef Qaher Hide397.41
Jeef Zajer Hide33440.08
Jeef Zajer Host Alpha Mob Pill312.00
Jelly Baby Texture240.14
Jellyworm Hide30.22
Jellyworm Leather5311.92
Jewellery Box110.00
Jolly Tezlaclaus Sweets20.00
Jori Hide45913.77
Jori Pectoral Fin71.75
Kadra Eye91.62
Kaisenite Ingot81949.14
Kaisenite Stone5237104.74
Kaldon Stone Texture Blueprint10.01
Karona's Velocity Jumpsuit (M)10.09
Khaffash Bone55360.83
Khaffash Hide52452.40
King Kong Map Fragment: X11.00
Lacerating Attack Nanochip 1 (L)15.50
Laconian sword1SOLD
Lahar Swamp Inoculation600.00
Lamp Attachments Blueprint10.01
Large Plug Blueprint10.01
Large Woven Cotton Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
Lemmy Bushweed50.00
Leprechaun Blue Pet10.00
Leprechaun Plushie10.00
Leprechaun White Pet10.00
Lesser Claw2254.50
Lesser Elysia Blueprint10.37
Lesser Power Crystal1SOLD
Level II Finder Amplifer 'Athena' (L) Blueprint10.01
Level II Finder Amplifer 'Athena' (L) Blueprint140.14
Level II Finder Amplifier 'Athena' (L)182.00
Life Essence18110.86
Light Power Cell120.60
Light Power Cell Blueprint10.01
Lightening Agent10.20
Limited (Vol. 1) (C)11.00
Lofven Papoo10.00
Lofven Papoo10.00
Lofven Papoo10.00
Long Moonleaf Board342.04
Long Moonleaf Board281.68
Long Moonleaf Board55333.18
Loot Collection Pill, Adjusted6030.00
Loot Collection Pill, Augmented1260.00
Lost Data Log10.00
Low Grade Electronic Component12320.91
Low Grade Metal Compound11710.53
Low Grade Motherboard10.52
Low Grade Motion Sensor6834.00
Low Grade Power Supply143226.77
Low Grade Processor11.62
Low Grade Scrap100.30
Lurker Lube10810.80
Lysterium Power Container Blueprint10.01
Lysterium Stone10.01
Madana Leg Fur46.00
Madana Tail265.20
Magurg Male Pincer20.40
Makeup Remover Rough20.20
Malkat Blueprint10.01
Mang Chang Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Mang Chang Pet10.00
Mankini (M,C)13.31
Mankini (M,C) Blueprint10.01
Marble Brick Blueprint10.01
Material Softener Blueprint10.01
Material Textures (Vol. 1)11.00
Mawlood Armor Arm Guards Recruit (M,L)10.52
Mawlood Armor Foot Guards Recruit (M,L)10.30
Mawlood Armor Gloves Recruit (M,L)10.30
Mawlood Armor Harness Recruit (M,L)10.75
Mawlood Armor Helmet Recruit (M,L)10.40
Mawlood Armor Shin Guards Recruit (M,L)10.34
Mawlood Armor Thigh Guards Recruit (M,L)10.52
Mayhem Arm Guards (F,L)153.03
Mayhem Arm Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Mayhem B-Amplifier Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem B-Amplifier Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem B-Amplifier Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem B-Amplifier Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem Extender P30 (L)189.54
Mayhem Foot Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Mayhem Gloves (M,L)1SOLD
Mayhem Harness (F,L)167.02
Mayhem Harness (M,L)1SOLD
Mayhem Helmet (M,L)1SOLD
Mayhem L-Amplifier Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem L-Amplifier Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem L-Amplifier Delta (L)11.12
Mayhem L-Amplifier Gamma (L)110.00
Mayhem L-Amplifier Gamma (L)15.96
Mayhem L-Amplifier Gamma (L)110.00
Mayhem L-Amplifier Gamma (L)110.00
Mayhem L-Amplifier Gamma (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Alpha (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Alpha (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Alpha (L)14.97
Mayhem M-Matrix Alpha (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Alpha (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Beta (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Beta (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Beta (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Beta (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Delta (L)12.26
Mayhem M-Matrix Gamma (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Gamma (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Gamma (L)110.00
Mayhem M-Matrix Gamma (L)110.00
Mayhem MF-Amplfier Alpha (L)110.00
Mayhem MF-Amplfier Alpha (L)110.00
Mayhem MF-Amplfier Alpha (L)110.00
Mayhem MF-Amplifier Beta (L)110.00
Mayhem MF-Amplifier Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem MF-Amplifier Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem MF-Amplifier Delta (L)19.83
Mayhem MF-Amplifier Delta (L)110.00
Mayhem MF-Amplifier Gamma (L)110.00
Mayhem Shin Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Mayhem Thigh Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Mayhem Token131810.13
Mayhem Token62010.06
Maze Hammer10.02
Mazeweaver Certificate450.00
Medal of Heroism11.00
MediStim 10mg710.71
MediStim 15mg430.43
MediStim 5mg210.21
Medium Grade Electronic Component89612.18
Medium Grade Motherboard664.85
Medium Grade Motion Sensor1091.52
Medium Grade Power Supply25412.19
Medium Grade Processor10.15
Medium Grade Scrap34022.44
Medium Power Cell31.50
Medium Power Cell Blueprint10.01
Melchi Crystal903.60
Melee Trauma Amplifier 11SOLD
Melee Trauma Amplifier 61252.00
Merry Mayhem Candy Cane1241.24
Merry Mayhem Candy Cane5005.00
Metal Residue425242.52
Metal Ruds Blueprint10.01
Midastree Texture Blueprint10.01
Miluca Texture Blueprint10.01
Miluca Timber56228.10
Miluca Timber80040.00
Mind Essence647676.47
Mining Excavator Speed Enhancer 1 Blueprint10.01
Mining Finder Depth Enhancer 2 Blueprint10.01
Mirsal Token200.20
Mission Galactica Coin (Blue)12.00
Modec VXT 700 (L)118.23
Modified Nanites11.00
Mokhat Hand1683.36
Mokhat Hide322.24
Mokhat Jelly560.44
Mokhat Organ70.42
Mokhat Statue13.19
Monria Lost Chapter 110.00
Monrian Power System Blueprint10.20
Monura Female Hide33410.02
Monura Female Trophy Head10.30
Monura Male Hide140842.24
Monura Male Trophy Head10.30
Moon Globe10.10
Motorhead - Ace of Spades Album110.55
Motorhead Keg450.45
Mourner Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Muscle Oil Compound B84616.92
Muscle Oil Compound B Blueprint10.19
Nahar Outfit Pants (M)11.94
Nahar Outfit Shirt (M)11.96
Nahar Outfit Shoes (M)11.96
Nahar Timber Axe 300 (L) Blueprint (L)600.60
Navi Hide6633.00
Nawa Drops1911.91
Nawa Energy Cells1012.12
Nawa Fragment7377.37
Nawa Shard1753.50
Nawa Vial320.64
NawaCore MK310.00
NeoPsion 30 Mindforce Implant15.55
Neurobiotic Booster A1 10mg210.42
Neurobiotic Booster A1 1mg1001.00
Neurobiotic Booster A1 1mg300.30
Neurobiotic Booster A1 1mg1001.00
Neurobiotic Booster A1 1mg1001.00
Neurobiotic Booster A10 10mg100.20
Neurobiotic Booster A10 5mg30.03
Neurobiotic Booster A3 5mg730.73
New Year Champagne 202210.01
Nissit Stone Texture Blueprint10.59
Nova Fragment363400.36
Nova Fragment10000.01
Nusul Foot24.00
Nusul Pet10.00
Nusul Pet10.00
Nusul Trophy head10.30
NutriStim 10mg500.50
NutriStim 15mg330.33
NutriStim 5mg570.57
Nutrio Bar10000100.00
Nutrio Bar930.93
O Rings Blueprint10.01
O.S. F.A.P. M7 (L) Blueprint (L)100.10
Oiled Arkace Boards Blueprint10.28
Oiled Corria Boards Blueprint10.01
Oiled Hekia Boards Blueprint10.01
Oiled Miluca Boards Blueprint10.09
Olerin Ingot29662.16
Olerin Stone2590181.30
Omegaton A103130.00
Omegaton M83 Predator, CDF Edition (L)10.60
Omegaton M83 Predator, CDF Edition (L)10.35
Orange Crystal101070.70
Orange Crystal Texture Blueprint10.01
Oratan Miner Pet10.00
Oratan Miner Pet139.99
Oratan Miner Pet10.00
Oro Figurine10.01
Oro Skull150.45
Oro Trophy Head10.30
Ostelok Hide116046.40
Ostelok Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Ostelok Lower Beak176.80
Ostelok Pommel Feather62.70
Ostelok Trophy Head10.30
Output Amplifier Component72.80
Output Amplifier Component985394.00
Output Amplifier Component10.40
Outstanding Calcium Compound20.24
Ozpyn Cold Protector (L)11.66
Ozpyn Cold Protector (L)11.88
Ozpyn Cold Protector (L)11.82
Ozpyn Cold Protector (L)11.71
Ozpyn Cold Protector (L) Blueprint10.13
Ozpyn Filters20146.23
Ozpyn Filters Blueprint10.24
Ozpyn Lever27221.76
Ozpyn Lever Blueprint10.36
Ozpyn Matrix601.80
Ozpyn Matrix Blueprint10.58
PTech Hazmat Boots (M)11.00
PTech Hazmat Gloves (M)11.00
PTech Hazmat Mask (M)11.00
PTech Hazmat Suit (M)11.00
PTech Protection Headgear (M)10.10
Paint Can (Blue)3079153.95
Paint Can (Blue)120.60
Paint Can (Brown)1007.00
Paint Can (Brown)50.35
Paint Can (Brown)63844.66
Paint Can (Brown)714.97
Paint Can (Green)614.27
Paint Can (Green)201.40
Paint Can (Green)1007.00
Paint Can (Green)24517.15
Paint Can (Olive)50.25
Paint Can (Olive)1316.55
Paint Can (Orange)440.44
Paint Can (Orange)150515.05
Paint Can (Orange)302430.24
Paint Can (Orange)300030.00
Paint Can (Purple)37122.26
Paint Can (Yellow)86325.89
Paint Can (Yellow)40012.00
Paint Can (Yellow)82124.63
Pandi Pup Pet10.00
Pandi Pup Pet10.00
Paneleon Pet10.00
Paneleon Pet10.00
Pants of Turrelia (M)19.74
Partial Eye Remains17040.80
Patterned Shirt Series 1(L,C) Blueprint10.01
Perfect Hide837.60
Pet Name Tag5010.00
Phasing Essence MF0122.00
Pheromone Gland30.30
Pile Of Garnets436.45
Pilot Scorpion Rank 4 (L) Blueprint10.01
Piron PBP-0 (L)10.55
Pitbull Mk. 3 (C,L) Blueprint (L)220.22
Plastic Convector Panel Blueprint10.01
Plot Deed1SOLD
Presidential 2 PED Credit Card24.00
Presidential Pay Stub20.00
Pristine Khada Crystal Shard11.00
Protective Coating28811.52
Protective Coating Blueprint10.47
Pure Body Oil101.00
Purple Crystal117794.16
Qaffaz Hide110.22
Qaydar Card10.01
Qaz Worm573.42
Quad-Wing Interceptor (L)17.71
ROCKtropia Mobile Phone11.00
ROCKtropia Record2080.20
Rainbow Crystal192.85
Rare Mayhem Token10.00
Rare Pleak Wing3810.00
Red Christmas Star10.01
Red Molten Crystal234117.00
Red Neon Essence11.00
Reflecting Agent10.60
Reflective Coating Blueprint10.01
Regeneration Chip 510.29
Registered Proving Ground Coat of Arms (M)14.98
Restoration Chip 17 (L)118.20
Retail Partition High (C) Blueprint10.01
Reward Token (Lime Green)98780.09
Rhino Beetle Pet10.00
Ribbed Velvet Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
Ripper Hide Armor Plate (L) Blueprint (L)1001.00
Riptor Tongue41.44
Robot Laser Optics Unit52.25
Robot Safety System63275.84
Robot Weapon Sight14330.03
Robotics Enhancing Gel55227.60
Robotics Enhancing Gel Blueprint (L)400.40
Rocktropia Blueprint Book Components Vol II11.00
Rookie TerraMaster11.00
Rotten Banana1281.28
Rotten Caboria Clam1847.36
Rotten TabTab Tooth321.60
Rough Hide2898.00
Rough Metal Texture Blueprint10.01
Roy Vulker's Arm Guards (M,L)160.00
Roy Vulker's Chest Guard (M,L)1100.00
Roy Vulker's Foot Guards (M,L)160.00
Roy Vulker's Hand Guards (M,L)160.00
Roy Vulker's Helmet (M,L)1100.00
Roy Vulker's Leg Guards (F,L)153.92
Roy Vulker's Shin Guards (M,L)160.00
Rubberized Grommit Blueprint10.01
Rutol Stone Texture Blueprint10.12
S.I. HK11013.85
S.I. P.I.G.V. (L)10.50
S.I. Psy-Sword10.00
S.I. Scorpion12.99
S0ph13 Pet1SOLD
Sabad Finder Amp V1 (L) Blueprint10.01
Sabakuma Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Salafa Beginner (L)10.30
Sandrunner Fuel Cells Blueprint10.01
Scrap Iron54531.61
Scrap Metal119149.54
Sea Wraith Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Settler Suit (M)10.50
Shamrock glasses (M)10.01
Shamsdar Card10.01
Shed Skreel Tail920.92
Shogghols Hide110.11
Shogghols Ngubbis Creature Control Capsule12.00
Shogghols Texture Blueprint (L)200.20
Shoggoth Plushie10.00
Shoggoth Tentacle15.60
Shub Plushie10.00
Simple 1 Conductors Blueprint10.11
Simple 1 Plastic Ruds Blueprint10.02
Simple 1 Plastic Springs Blueprint10.10
Simple 2 Conductors Blueprint10.01
Sleipnir Mk. 1 (C,L)15.83
Small Squid Plant13.34
Snablesnot Leather Texture Blueprint10.38
Socket 1 Component20020.00
Socket 2 Component30030.00
Socket 3 Component22022.00
Soft Hide30030.00
Softening Agent12417.36
Sonic Pulse Amplifier10.20
Sopur Stone Texture Blueprint10.30
Sothorite Ingot10227.54
Sothorite Ore33930.51
Space Thruster (L)11.60
Space Thruster (L)10.30
Space Thruster (L) Blueprint (L)570.57
Speedy Refurbished H.E.A.R.T. Rank VII159.49
Standard Compressor Blueprint10.01
Steering Rod Blueprint10.01
Stel Brigand Shirt Blueprint (L)50.05
Stinktree Texture Blueprint10.01
Strange note found in a Resa tent10.00
Strider MK.I (L)10.20
Striped Curtain Closed (C) Blueprint10.01
Striped Frote Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
Strong Magnets Blueprint10.01
Summoning Totem60.00
Sunburst Stone16618.26
Sunjoq Hide663.96
Super Adhesive109321.86
Superior Cloth Extractor1051.05
Suspended Life Essence Blueprint10.01
Swamp Lurker Hide65539.30
Swamp Lurker Oil1313.93
Synchronization Chip 11135.42
Synchronization Chip 2123.73
Synthetic A.R.C. Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.20
Synthetic Boffin Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.20
Synthetic Crystal Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.20
Synthetic Imperium Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.20
Synthetic Rubber10.57
Synthetic Turrelion Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.20
Synthetic Volcanic Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.20
Synthetic Zekkonian Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.20
Synthetic Zyn'Tukano Leather Texture Blueprint (L)200.20
TabTab Figure18.00
TabTab Hide500.50
TabTab Pet10.00
TabTab Pet10.00
TabTab Texture Blueprint10.39
Tail Tip351.75
Tamer Intimidation Horns (L) Blueprint (L)100.10
Tamer Intimidation Horns (M,L)12.50
Tamer Intimidation Horns (M,L)112.00
Tanhok Amber15.00
Tegunestene Hide70.28
Tegunestene Texture Blueprint (L)100.10
Tegunestene Vydrith Creature Control Capsule15.00
Terratech PH-3130.00
Terratech PH-3 Blueprint (L)330.33
Terrestrial Gland65465.40
Terrestrial Hormone144.48
Tezlapod Pet118.42
Thawr Hide397.80
Thawr Horn112.20
The Order of the Elder Gods Suit (M)1SOLD
The Shub Spine (M)1SOLD
Thermodure Plastic Texture Blueprint10.01
Thin Wool12030.00
Thunderbird Arm Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Thunderbird Foot Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Thunderbird Gloves (M,L)1SOLD
Thunderbird Harness (M,L)1SOLD
Thunderbird Harness (M,L)1SOLD
Thunderbird Helmet (M,L)1SOLD
Thunderbird Shin Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Thunderbird Thigh Guards (M,L)1SOLD
Tiarak Trophy Head10.30
Tier 1 Component404.00
Tier 2 Component40.56
Tier 2 Component50570.70
Tier 3 Component40.80
Tier 3 Component224.40
Tier 5 Component8433.60
Tier 6 Component52.50
Tier 7 Component42.80
Tier 9 Component3650.40
Time Travel Crystal30.03
Time Travel Crystal Blueprint (L)840.84
Toulan Blueprints11.00
Toulan Furniture Blueprints I11.00
Toulan Shirt (M)10.00
Toulan Trousers (M)10.00
Toy Snowballgun11.00
Treasure Map 1410.41
Treasure Map 1010.01
Treasure Map 2370.37
Treasure Map 3800.80
Treasure Map 4840.84
Treasure Map 5350.35
Treasure Map 6400.40
Treasure Map 710.01
Treasure Map 8310.31
Treasure Map 9120.12
Tree Dragon Hide80.12
Tree Dragon Leather Texture Blueprint10.01
Trutun Stone Texture Blueprint10.05
Turellia Ranged Trigger31.50
Turrelia Melee Trigger21.00
Turrelion Essence10.01
Turrelion Rift Beacon10.10
Turrelion Spec HK10.00
Turrelion Spec Psy-Blade10.04
Turrelion Spec Scorpion11.49
Ubo Vesicle70.28
Universal Ammo1562000156.20
Universal Ammo2139227213.92
Universal Ammo1562000156.20
Universal Ammo271573052715.73
Universal Ammo1562000156.20
Universal Ammo1562000156.20
Universal Ammo1562000156.20
Universal Ammo1562000156.20
Universal Ammo1562000156.20
VSE Mk. 110.00
Valentine Shirt (M)10.48
Vehicle Parts (Vol. 1)11.00
Vehicle RK-0 (L)16.26
Vibrant Sweat79470.07
Vibrant Sweat583350.58
Vibrant Sweat770.00
Vivo S1010.00
Vixen Bushweed60.00
Wahesh Hide299.57
Wahesh Scales715.40
Wahesh Tooth56.25
Warp Drive 1 (L) Blueprint (L)10.01
Weak Calcium Compound10.06
Weak Protein Strain10.41
Weak Sinew110.00
Weakened Power Crystal1SOLD
Weapon Accuracy Enhancer 1 Blueprint10.06
Weapon Accuracy Enhancer 2 Blueprint10.09
Weapon Accuracy Enhancer 3 Blueprint10.08
Weapon Accuracy Enhancer 4 Blueprint10.06
Weapon Accuracy Enhancer 5 Blueprint10.01
Weapon Damage Enhancer 1097.20
Weapon Damage Enhancer 7108.00
Weapon Damage Enhancer 886.40
Weapon Damage Enhancer 9108.00
Weapon Range Enhancer 1 Blueprint10.01
Welding Wire15406315.40
WolperTinger Pet10.00
WolperTinger Pet10.00
Wombana Trophy Head10.30
Wrapped Holiday Hat (F)16.76
Wrinkled Felt Fabric Texture Blueprint10.01
Xent Tech Light Rifle Prototype1SOLD
Yellow Crystal1001.00
Yellow Crystal790.79
Yellow Crystal Texture Blueprint10.01
Yog Eyeball46.00
Yog Hatchling Pet11.85
Yog Hatchling Pet10.00
Yog Plushie10.00
Yog Tusk151.50
Z12 Barbarella11.00
Z12 Barbarella11.00
ZX Eagle Eye10.30
ZX Eagle Eye10.30
ZX R-Dod10.30
ZX R-Dod10.30
ZX Sinkadus10.50
ZX Sinkadus10.50
Zadul Plush Toy11.00
Zadul Plush Toy10.62
Zadul Trophy Head10.30
Zekkonian Longblade Alpha (L)11.00
Zekkonian Relic6363.00
Zokaraneus Gipi Creature Control Capsule13.00
Zokaraneus Hide90.18
Zokaraneus Texture Blueprint (L)100.10
Zoldenite Dust75130.04
Zombie Bushweed140.01
Zorn Component A56717.01
Zorn Component A Blueprint10.01
Zorn Compound A Blueprint10.26
Zorn Oil Mixture C261.30
Zorn Oil Mixture C Blueprint10.07
Zorn Star Ingot43613.08
Zorn Star Ingot210.63
Zorn Star Ore650.65
Zorn Star Ore170017.00
Zyn'Kimbro Fishing Spear1SOLD
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