Sentosa's Reach Loyalty Rewards (Permanent Event)


Jul 28, 2018
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Jack Ace Kingsman

Loyalty Rewards Program

How to get loyalty points

hunting / mining will honor you loyalty points for each global.

what you get in Sentosa's Reach Land Areas.



Land / Mob / Ressource List can be found bottom of this post.

Loyalty rewards Points exhange rate to us is 1:1 so 1 Point is 1 PED.
The LP are also tradeable to other players. You can choose to buy/sell them from other participants.




What you can do with LP (loyalty Points)

- The LP exhange rate to us is 1:1 so 1 Point is 1 PED.
- The Loyalty points are also tradeable to other players. You can choose to buy/sell them from other participants.


Event Rules

Rules update 02.01.2022

1.1 The above LP are tradeable. You can choose to buy/sell them from other participants. For selling you need to have at least 100 points before they can be sold.
1.2 Each loyalty Point can be sold back to me or my partner at a minimum fixed price of 1 ped per point. Minimum 100 Points needed for the trade.
1.3 Always when trading or claiming loyalty points, point balance will be rounded down to closest 1 digit.
1.4 For trading LP you need to contact Jack Ace Kingsman or Caravan Dumitru Adrian and discuss details of trade with them. If there is missunderstanding then screenshot of trade is needed for proof. I suggest everyone take picture of trades always.
1.5 Individuals can win more then one type of loyalty points. Example one 7 in the globals and 3 digits (178 PEDS global) are counted together. This would give 5pts for above 100 globals and 1 extra points for having one 7. Total of 6pts.
1.6 Entropialife will be used to track scores. Please make sure your globals register there.
1.7 Times/Dates for the globals will be using the MA time clock and each day resets at 00:00 MA time. Same at entropialife!
1.8 Winning global must show on EntropiaLife or post a screenshot here with date/time stamp.
1.9 Register here with your EXACT ingame avatar name. (small and big letters have to be right. (teams accepted, Leader will receive prize).
2.0 You claim your prize from Jack Ace Kingsman or Caravan Dumitru Adrian.
2.1 We reserve the right to adjust rules or cancel the event at any time without prior notice. Any points won before adjustments will be honored.

Land: Location
Monster on land: Mandana
Grounds resources: Ores

When you hunt on the land (solo) you are added automatically when you hit a global.
Our program work with
EntropiaLife and each global is registered automatically.

If you hunt with a team you need to register at the bottom and choose who will get the peds.
If you don't see your globals on our channel, make a screenshot and we will need to add points manually.

I recommend everyone to join the discord server.
You can see globals that are counted on our discord

Thanks all for your support and wish you luck!​
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Mar 7, 2020
Tg Jiu
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Caravan Dumitru Adrian
Make sure entropialife count globals, sometimes, this site doesnt work, in that case, you need to have a screenshoot to add points based on it. At this moment, we made a program which automately save each global made on land with username or team name. More updates will come soon , there will be a leaderboard and many more to make this very transparency and anyone can see in real time the points him has. Untill final form is released, if you guys acces our discord server you can see if global is tracked automatelly, if not, you can post a photo with it and we track it
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Jul 28, 2018
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Jack Ace Kingsman
Hello everyone.

I sold the land to BINX BETA BREAKER. He will be the new owner and he is very happy about it! I will honor the points per peds to everyone on this list. You have 60 days to claim your points. I will contact everyone in-game with a short message.

1 - Cypress Fredelig Hill - 32 points
2 - Victor Brick Vonn - 30 points
3 - Anry Anry Litvinov - 30 points
4 - Juan BALBERITH Martinez - 24 points
5 - Scott DoctorH Joel - 18 points
6 - zzz DISABLED zzz - 17 points
7 - Jabez JAG Groove - 13 points
8 - Explore Entropia Universe - 11 points
9 - Jack Ace Kingsman - 8 points
10 - WereWolf VinnyPuh16rus Mobster - 8 points
11 - Jane Huelda Daggerthuggert - 8 points
12 - shaman SYNshaman lotus - 7 points
13 - Cedrak Bobi Ziom - 6 points
14 - vengeful blazing Spirit - 5 points
15 - Crystal MJ Diamond - 5 points
16 - Emi Odyssey Sir - 5 points
17 - VaLeuhWie Lyly Strafkin - 3 points
18 - Alexandru Vrajeala Toni - 3 points
19 - PutYa Petal ToDaMetal - 3 points
20 - James Jim O'Neill - 2 points
21 - yan zipi freedom - 2 points
22 - Frik Morconso Pt - 2 points
23 - Andre Timofeu Rus - 2 points
24 - Tiboubou Mercier Kingsman - 1 points
25 - lucian Alfons aufwiedershen - 1 points
26 - leene leene fr - 1 points
27 - JoElle Jo Fields - 1 points
28 - Chantra TheProfit Moneymaker - 1 points
29 - Leo BlueMan Morosanu' - 1 points
30 - Kyle DaCpt Knaggs - 1 points
31 - just Dd ro - 1 points
32 - Sven Melbus Christensen - 1 points
33 - Kootenay Scuba Laphroaig - 1 points
34 - Velma GayneWretzky Baggins - 1 points

Thanks to everyone that help with the land and hope you enjoyed it!