Buying: Shadow Harness (M, UL)


Sep 21, 2014
The Ministry
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milton osga hastings
Shadow Parts (M/UL): Harness - Thigh Guards!


I'm trying to source some parts to finish building a Shadow (M/UL) set, so i'm looking to buy the following parts:

- Arm Guards (got'em already)
- Thigh Guards (got'em already)

- Harness
- Gloves (got'em already)

All other bits i have already (Gloves, shin, feet and helmet). I'll be paying in peds (i don't care about tiers), or if anyone wants my current armor parts as part of the trade it can also be done (Sand Stormer Arm Guards, Dune Rider thigh guards and Angel Harness).

Cheers! :cool::cool::yay::yay::D:D
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Bought the Gloves a couple of days ago! Now time for arms, harness or thighs... show up show up wherever you are! :)

:cool: :yay: :lolup:
Finally have the arms! Harness and thighs missing! :yay::cool:
so, anyone has a harness or thighs and are willing to get rid of 'em??? ;) :yay: buuuuuuump!
up it goes! :lolup:
Bump for a shadow harness or thighs! Let's finish a set!!! :yay::yay:
can i haz shadow now? kthxbye. ;):cool:
buuuuuuumps! :lolup::lolup::lolup:
Give this nub some armor so he can hunt bery's
bump for shadow harness / thighs! :cool::cool:
:woot: for the bumps!
bumps for harness or thighs!
up for shadow harness and thighs!
Thighs are done! Now looking for a harness only!
Bump for Harnesssssssssssssss!!!!!
harness? harnessssss ?? where are you ? come out wherever you are! :sweat:
shadow harness! come out come out wherever you are!
harness where are you ?
bump for harness!