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Sep 24, 2007
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Price check on Unlimited Male Shadow armor set please
I know there was a set for sale around 2 years ago for 25k.

I haven't seen any for sale for a long time now so I'm not sure about current prices. Also it very rarely comes up for sale so it's more of a seller's market on that one unfortunately.

Before I looked at thread I was thinking around 30k... Of course tiers play a role and ultimately whatever buyer and seller agree on.
Remember the days when they were 100K each
currently thinking to sell out - so maybe my Shadow will be on the market soon.
But i dont think i will sell under 35k
Seeing as POE goes for around 25-30k depending tier. Safe to say shadow male still at 33-37k. Female at 20k
Sold my shadow set 34k tiers 2/3 half a year ago or so, which is the same set that was sold on forum a month or two ago. That set also had 34k as listed price and seemed to have sold.
Yeah I'm thinking maybe the one I saw for sale ~2 years ago was missing a part or something, that would make more sense then.
I checked around and know of at least one other set available for +30k.

The only sets that have sold over +30k were sold by resellers to desperate buyers. I know of 1 that went for +38k, I know both the seller and a friend of the buyer. He was anxious and not willing to wait so he overpaid, just FYI.
Just yesterday I ended up paying tt+38k, but I really wanted the set. Hadn’t seen one for sale in a while so I pulled the trigger.
I sold my set for + 34.6 a day ago.
Low Tier set 26 to 29k ----- High Tier set 29 to 32k

Tier 4/5 set around 33/34k